This will be my first real foray into the area of game design! Very Happy

I want my game to be a simple dungeon-crawler in the vain of the Binding of Isaac. This means:
▪Semi-random levels
▪shoot 'em up style combat

I'm planning on having the player make a choice at the end of each level that changes the way following levels are generated. This could mean moral choices, weapons, abilities, etc.

I want to really flesh out the combat so that the choices you make actively change your play-style.

Here's an example of what I'm planning: would you rather have a sword, or a gun?

A sword would mean the player would have to be a lot closer to enemies, so having too many ranged enemies would start to feel unfair. On the flipside, a ranged gun user would be really scared if a room was filled with close range enemies that would try to rush them making it hard to keep a distance. So the levels would have to generate differently based on this choice to make the game feel more fun.
I like the concept, and I do enjoy crawlers too Smile.
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