Uuhhhh I'll be entering in this I guess, hopefully school will allow me some time for this.

I'll be doing this in JS, with the help of some p5 libraries.

More updates soon!
Progress ig lol

After doing some thinking on what I should make, I settled on a game I'll call Tower Ascent, in which you battle enemies on each floor of a tower, and try to make it to the top of the tower to win (maybe have a boss at the end idk).

Not much to see, but that's cause I have yet to add logic to generate levels. Also still need art and stuff, but groundwork is being done. The screenshot shows the SceneManager class/object, which creates the layout of the map.

More updates soon!
Made some progress in the past two days. Changed some code and stuff to get ready for actual gameplay.

-Ladders are now teleports (was too lazy to fix issues with climbing ladders)
-Started to add enemies
-User can shoot around (still working on control scheme).

Black teleport signifies disabled teleport, white signifies enabled.

Also everything will have a sprite/image for it, but my main priority is making the game work, not look nice just yet :v
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