Whenever I try to run the game, My Ti 84 Plus CE tells me I either have insufficient memory, or that the program has infinite loops. I have about 50kb of ram available, so I don't know why it isn't working. Get back to me soon!

Oregon trail runs just fine for me on my calculator. When does it happen?
Only 50KB? Press [2nd]>[+]>[1] and look at the second line. If it says something below 5.3.0 then you should update your calculator. Once you've updated your calculator (or if you have 5.3.0 or above) then you should Archive all your programs. (Go to [2nd]>[+]>[2]>[7] then press [enter] on anything that doesn't have an asterisk (*) next to it.) You should now have plenty of RAM to run the program.
EDIT: What do you mean by infinite loop? Like an infinite memory error loop or something else inside the game play?
thank you, that worked.
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