This project is finished! Go ahead and download it here!

I don't have much time, but I'll still give this my best shot!

I think I'll try to rewrite my JPL game in ICE! I'll be able to have prettier (and hopefully more) rocket parts. Instead of checkpoints, I'll try to make asteroids threaten to damage your ship. (It'd be incredible if I could add real-time damage but that probably won't be feasible with he given time) The width of your ship determines how large the average asteroid will be, and the height will determine the average speed of the asteroids.
Ooh! I really liked the concept before, but in ICE it'll be even better! (and probably faster!) Very Happy
I loved playing JPL because of how customizable it was, so I'm definitely looking forward to this ICE version! Good luck!
Today I got my intro graphics nearly finished, there's just one weird bug with the far right button. I decided to go for a Windows 2000 look just to bring up some nostalgia.

(CEmu turned everything grey a shade of green for some reason, the colors look correct physical calculator though)
The build screen (the part with the big black box) needs a lot of work, once that's done I'll start working on building and gameplay!
I love the 3D look of the buttons, and the brightness fading stuff! What other customizations are you planning to add?
Just wondering when the last time you updated CEmu was? It appears you have a version that still creates animated GIF's as opposed to APNG? This would explain the colour difference.
I've got CEmu v1.2 (git: 1621ab4). The colors don't get changed in the screenshot, they're like that the entire time I'm working with CEmu. Mateo said the colors aren't wrong though I don't exactly remember his reason why.

EDIT: Made the Build screen better.
Good news, I'm almost halfway done! I've got the intro finished and the build GUI is nearing completion. Now I need to make the ship compiler and the gameplay. I currently have 5 different types of parts: Nosecones, Pods, Fuel tanks, boosters, and wings. There are two different designs of each part. That means 12 sprites of parts. I'm planning on making the background of the launch screen had different sized stars to make it feel like the craft is really moving. It'll look something like:
(Click for GIF)

If I get done early, would you like me to make the gameplay screen better (possibly add planets flying by) or add more parts?

Haha, guess what? Everything decided to break on me! Now my code sometimes quits, sometimes it doesn't, I can't figure out where because every time I add a breakpoint or a dbd(0 command, it wont quit! Evil 2
Guess it's time to load a backup...
So, thanks to PT_ I'm back to developing! Turns out ICE is cracking under the weight of my program, hopefully the bug will be fixed soon!
Progress update: I just about finished my build GUI! There's a few minor bugs but I'll push them off until I get time to focus on them, my next goal is to compile the ship into a single sprite in an Appvar. As usual, I'm probably going to need help with it. Laughing

Anyways, enjoy some eye candy!

(I didn't realize CEmu's throttle was off. Apparently the APNG recorder keeps up with the emulation speed so it looks like I'm using it slow, it's actually a lot faster to use than this recording shows)

Let me know what you think!
That looks awesome! Keep up the great work!
If those sprites aren't transparent, you can just use getSprite( to capture the drawing window (with your rocket in it) and then write that to an appvar. Then when you use the drawing window in the rest of your program, just set the transparent color to black (or whatever color your background is). That's just how I would do it.
Thanks jcgter777!

epsilon5 wrote:
If those sprites aren't transparent, you can just use getSprite( to capture the drawing window (with your rocket in it) and then write that to an appvar. Then when you use the drawing window in the rest of your program, just set the transparent color to black (or whatever color your background is). That's just how I would do it.

My sprites are transparent, I just have some code that fills in the place where a part is about to go with a black square. You got the second part right, I was going to Use black as my transparent color. The only issue with getSprite is that the craft you currently see is twice as large as it'll be in the launch screen. So I'm pretty sure I need to loop a getPixel command and jump to every other pixel then store that into an AppVar. Please let me know if I'm wrong!
You could just use a scaled sprite, and then put that onto the graphics buffer somewhere and then GetSprite that without blit-ing.
I spent a lot of time trying to implement the launch screen gameplay and I made a lot of progress. Unfortunately, I made some poor choices with my craft building code so I've been experiencing random crashes in code that use to work, loops inexplicably failing to run, code jumping to randome places, and a non-working launch screen. I'll probably have to revert to a backup so I can fix stuff which will put me behind, but since I already have my ideas mostly laid out in code I'm hoping it wont take me that long to catch back up.

A code questions:
I have this code
which should store the current LCD brightness as an integer into the variable BRIGHT, however I'm getting a error every time I try to compile it. I saw someone used some different hex code (for a different purpose) but in the same format as this and it worked fine. Why would this code not work if other code works in the same format?
So... I'm done.

Well that's not entirely true, but the core of the game is finished and if the deadline was tomorrow I could easily turn in a good entry! Very Happy
Now I'm just adding features such as saving/ loading crafts (I'm awful at using appvars though), a scrolling star background (it should've been working by now but ICE lists are terrible Razz), possibly coins or something else that can be used as a score multiplier. If nothing else, I could just keep adding more sprites for parts (or edit some so they look 'weaponized'). Would you guys like to see anything specific from my list of ideas or some new idea you've though of?
Guess what? SC decided to delete my project! I've got some fairly recent backups but I've PMed Tair to help me recover the most recent code. Stand by. :\
In a stroke of bad luck, I've got many tests this week and my laptop charger decided to die on me! A new charger should come in a few days but I can't afford to spend my current battery life programming during that time when I have schoolwork to do. Sad
That stinks TLM! Sad

I'm sorry to hear about these roadblocks. I wish you the best of luck.
OK, I've got my new charger and two days left. I still have a bunch of stuff I want to add but with time limitations I'll focus on:
*Refining checkpoint speed up time (may refine more later)
*adding high score logger
*add explosions (need to add MORE though)
*game crash stuff
*game end checker error

if I have time:
*Fixing the scrolling star background
*moving some sprites to appvars
*adding more rocket parts
*refine hit blocks
*bay easter egg

I'm quite pleased with how it looks visually and the build system is pretty decent. I'd like to add more to the gameplay itself.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
*add explosions

Michael Bay stock explosions?

EDIT: I like how the to-do list changed when I said that.
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