Good to see my sprites lol. Do you want more alien types?
Alright, here's the final screenshot before I submit my entry:

Code has been pushed to GitHub already, if you want to check it out early.
Also I forgot to include the QR viewer thing in the screenshot but whatever. I included one for the Discord in the About section, which hopefully should increase traffic on the Discord.

I'll submit this in just a second, and upload to the archives just a second after that. Once things get submitted and accepted and stuff, I'll edit this post to include links.
Does the text in the bottom left corner cycle automatically, or are you doing that?
Can I get your mouse sprite?
You could just use the one from PaintShop CE's source program: prgmPSSSRC
It's stored in ICE format as POINTREG, but I can fix that if you want.
It's also a bit bigger.
If you'd like to find it easily, it would be easier if you got it from TI-Connect CE or Source Coder 3's program editor.
The PM you've been trying to read for several days was about this game, it reads nearly as follows:

As a followup to my previous PM: I took Tower Defense CE (the version from your GDrive linked from the CC22 results announcement topic) for a relatively lengthy test drive, spanning multiple games. It's quite good, I like several things about it, not least of which is the humorous tone of tower upgrade messages Smile
I have some wishes and bug reports to help improve it further. I understand that this is a contest entry, and that as such, you probably cut several corners, and you have ideas of your own on further improving the game Wink

* adding difficulty levels impacting alien strength (base + increment), alien speed, tower shooting precision, maximum number of segments on the path, maximum number of times the player can edit the path, number of lives (down to a mode with a single life), maximum number of sniper / burst towers, etc. Something like easy / medium / hard / insane / custom.
At the moment, I feel that the game is slightly too easy by default: despite a fairly short path, I managed to get through wave 20+ by just upgrading the two first towers to the max, wave 30+ by 3 maxed out towers, 40+ by 4 maxed out towers - all of standard type. Throwing a couple sniper towers in the mix makes levels even easier - when they're fully upgraded, their range and most of all power are fantastic, probably too high.
* adding adjustable speed during gameplay. Waiting for waves of 300+ enemies to be killed, one by one, by towers you know are powerful enough is boring - I simply did something else in the meantime Smile

* the towers' levels are stored as 8-bit integers, and overflow back to 0 Smile
* when changing the tower type, the level doesn't get back to 0;
* towers sometimes shoot out beyond their range, or to a path location containing no enemy (but that's valid if some enemies happen to be invisible), or outside the path: I saw horizontal lines from two maxed out sniper towers on the upper half of the screen to the right edge of the screen, at a time enemies were at the bottom of the screen. Might be caused by a numerical overflow, as I noticed these horizontal lines only after maxing these sniper towers' range (addendum to the PM: or maybe not after all, spurious horizontal lines also appear on other towers whose ranges were not maxed);
* after an upgrade, e.g. a range upgrade, the effect doesn't always appear immediately. This goes for both standard and sniper towers, so I guess that burst towers are affected as well. After pressing Clear to go back to the main menu, and resuming immediately, the effect of the upgrade appears.
* AFAICT, it's not possible to cancel changing the type of a tower after pressing Mode;
* there are occasional glitches drawing bullet trajectories (red lines): sometimes, they're permanently redrawn, even while in the tower upgrade menu. The glitch seems to disappear when the next wave starts;
* the game seems to be slower at the end of a wave than at the beginning (?): the tower upgrade menu becomes slower, the movements of the mouse and the aliens are more janky.

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