According to my extensive data collection, today is _iPhoenix_'s birthday! I wish I had an amazing program that displays "Happy birthday _iPhoenix_" in some unique way, but I've been tied up in my CC22 entry, which _iPhoenix_ is also hosting! He has a lot of hats, and I hope to see more contests hosted by _iPhoenix_ in the future. Smile

Happy Birthday _iPhoenix_! Very Happy
And may you have many more.


var s c exclaim
li ":!: "
lo exclaim
li "Happy "
lg s
ladd s
inc c
skip c > 32
li lbl-main
lo s
li exclaim
ladd exclaim
ladd exclaim
ladd s
ladd "Birthday _iPhoenix_!"
ladd exclaim
ladd exclaim
ladd exclaim
lo s
print s

Cool FLIO Birthday program FTW!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Smile
Happy birthday, iPhoenix! Very Happy

:Lbl RPT
:Disp "Happy Birthday"
:Disp "_iPhoenix_!"
:Goto RPT
Happy birthday Smile Hope you have a nice day!
Merry birthday!

I think I might keep this template around for future occasions. Happy birthday.
Happy B Day _iPhoenix_!!! Very Happy

Hope it's the best!
Have a happy birth anniversary.
Happy birthday!
Since we're all making programs that display Happy Birthday, lemme take a shot...


PrintStringXY("Happy Birthday, _iPhoenix_!",5,20
Repeat K!=0
det(1 //or whichever is end...
No hexcodes yet?

I can fix that...


Happy birthday, _iPhoenix_!
Thanks for the programs and well wishes everyone! I had fun trying them to see their output.
This is the part when I instinctively don my PotM hat and write reviews for all the programs here.

I ran beck's program despite warnings from him that the total output would be like 4 gigabytes, if I recall correctly. Needless to say, I aborted quickly Razz Very nice language, and I hope to see where FLIO goes.

RogerWilco's short but sweet program is just that! He should be using a While(6+true), @Battlesquid, our resident javascript "genius"? hehe loop for that task, though.

I had a hearty laugh upon first looking at command's program- I absolutely love the ingenuity of jsf*. Easily one of my favorite "esolang"s quotes because not its own esolang, it's normal javascript that only uses 5 different characters, !+-[](). of all time.

I also laughed when seeing SM84CE's comment, reminds me of a time on HCWP over a year ago when I opened up ICE on my screencasted CEmu and womp and PT_ were practically shouting at me to type det(0), the graphics begin command, for a full five minutes. Good times :D

kg583's program looks pretty cool, love the idea of getting a flashing border like that, very creative and clever implementation. I clearly need to step up my text-animation game.

calclover's assembly program is pretty sweet- very nice looking. I should also step up my assembly game- my exiting of programs isn't quite as gentle as his. Loved it.
Happy belated birthday _iPhoenix_!
It's been a year since CC22 already? Unbelievable. I hope this last year has been a good one, and I hope the upcoming year is even better. Happy birthday _iPhoenix_!
Happy birthday


while true;do echo "Happy birthday";sleep 1;done
Happy birthday! 🍰
Happy birthday! 🎂
it's in a github gist due to character limit

run this in nodejs

it console.log's "Happy bday!"

Happy birthday iPheonix!

Note : It's written in JSF***
Happy birthday! Very Happy
Ooh, it's your birthday?! Happy birthday!
I'm gonna do something special for you today. Maybe like a little game or something for your 8x.
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