So I have wanted to get into developing with C for the CE for a while instead of exclusively ICE. It seems though that the development process from writing to testing and back again takes quite a bit of work. Skills-wise, I am competent enough to work in C, but I have refrained because of the extra work required for effective development. Please prove me wrong. If you develop in C (for the CE) and are reading this thread, please post a quick description of your workflow, and any workflow-related tips you might have. Thanks in advance for all your help! Very Happy
My workflow:

run "make" from the command line.
press ctrl+x in CEmu to resend the rebuilt program

What are you talking about it being "hard"?
I do basically that, except for ctrl+X to resend, I didn't know about that Razz
Edit with sublime text
Compile with terminal (or command line)
Send program to CEmu

Once you have your CEdev installed and setup there's nothing at all difficult about it. Well, except for the actual programming and debugging.

For new projects I just duplicate the template directory.
Right now I'm using sublime text. I have a custom build task which runs make automatically with Ctrl+B. I then send the program to CEmu using the Resend button, though Mateo has informed me that there is a way to do this automatically with the command line, so I will add that to my build system in the future. I use Sublime Merge for git stuff, though I still end up doing a lot of that from the command line because, while I don't understand either of them, most online tutorials use the command line.

When I am working on modifications to toolchain stuff, I usually open a new terminal and change the $CEdev var, then run make release-libs and resend that. I would make a new build task but I'm too lazy to open the directory they are stored in since my file manager doesn't support pasting folder paths. I need to fix that too, since even Windows allows that, but I'm also too lazy to do that.

If you are talking about debugging procedures, I find CEmu's console to be quite useful. Either use make debug or #undef NDEBUG, and then #import "debug.h". You can then use dbg_sprintf(dbgout, "%u\n", var); to print stuff to the console tab, which I wish I would have known about when I first started with the toolchain. Just read the docs, they have a lot of useful stuff like that in them.
commandblockguy wrote:
Right now I'm using sublime text. I have a custom build task which runs make automatically with Ctrl+B.

kinda off topic, but can notepad++ do that?
SM84CE wrote:
kinda off topic, but can notepad++ do that?

Yes, with the NppExec plugin.
okay sweet thanks guys I realize that a lot of the stuff I was doing was using the gui when simpler, faster methods existed. I stand corrected.
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