Over the last couple of days, I have been working on an ebook reader for the TI-84+CE, written in ICE.
It is nearly complete, and includes these features:


text size
text color
text highlighting
Tabs (which can also be used to support a multi-collumn layout/table)
custom text characters
sprite characters
external images (alligned left, center, or right)
custom background/foreground colors
horizontal bar

It will have these additional features upon release:


'links' to jump to other lines upon clicking
'links' to jump to another document's at a line

This program is built to be called as a subroutine from a prgm, and can be run as a BASIC program.
DO NOT try to edit, however. Most of the data is unreadable in the editor.
Use the converter, which will be released with the reader.

I have also written a converter, in python 3, which converts text (riddled with escape codes, however) into this format, and outputting a ".8xp" file. It can be called from the command line, or run on it's own.

This is still a WIP, but do expect a release within the next seven days.

Screenshot of a test document, converted with the converter:

Lorem Ipsum text from www.lipsum.com, stress testing the program. Note that it scrolls between line-breaks, not lines. The time in the menu was the entire loading time, to load approximately 31Kb of text.
Very nice! I'm looking forward to the release!
seems cool! You should also think about an ebook writer, that would be cool^2 !!
Is the amount of text able to be put in the reader only limited by calc free space?
jcgter777 wrote:
Is the amount of text able to be put in the reader only limited by calc free space?

I am planning to make external links, so yes.
The size of the text will only be limited by the amount of free archive space.
And since this never needs to write to any files, it can keep them in archive; so it won't lose anything upon a reset.

The maximum amount of text able to fit in one document depends on the number of formatting marks.
Without any formatting, one could probably fit a 250 page book of roughly 500 000 characters pretty easily into 8 or 9 full prgms. Performance-wise though... I'll have to test that.

EDIT: I fixed my converter. Now it will split the text into multiple programs it the var size exceeds 65296 bytes
I have found that I am able to easily fit both Hamlet and Othello (Shakespeare) on my calculator at the same time, roughly 300K of text in total.

Approximately 2/5 of Hamlet in one program

I converted this from a txt file of Hamlet I got from www.gutenberg.org.
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