I have just accidentally deleted an android look-alike shell for my CE. I have an older backup, but the newer one is more stable, and that wasn't backed up.
So I was using KEDIT (KryptonIDE), and when I went to exit the editor for the source program, the screen went white. I knew how to fix this but I accidentally pressed the reset button, because I forgot that KEDIT caused the screen to go white.
Anyways, I put UNDELETE back on my CE, and it said Search Complete. However, my source program was archived since the last garbage collect, so it should've stayed. How can I undelete it???
For future reference: Don't use archive undelete. Just use Doors CE 9 or Cesium. Or (If running OS 5.3.0 or 5.3.1) use PHASM to edit programs that are archived, and archive all your other programs.
  • Archive undelete is very helpful at times, but is not always perfect.
  • Doors CE 9 is not out.
  • Phasm doesn't help save data from RAM reset because it moves the program to RAM to edit, and when you close it, re-archives it
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