I apologize in advance, as I am new to programming C on the Ti84+CE (and to C programming in general)

I am currently working on a project which requires the use of some sort of mass-storage device to read and write to. Looking at the documentation for CEdev, it looks like there are libraries that allow for this (usbdrvce.h), but I am unsure of how to install it onto my computer (My installation of CEdev does not have the library, but works fine otherwise).

Thank You
You'll want to build the toolchain yourself, using the instructions found here.
It's not ready yet. Don't use it. The toolchain will be released when it is.

If you want to work on undeveloped, untested, and unreleased stuff, then you are in for a world of hurt. Don't be like commandblockguy and wonder why things aren't working.
Alright, thank you for your replies. I think I will just wait until the new version of toolchain is released before continuing my project.
I wish we could work faster, but I am writing a FAT32 driver currently here: https://github.com/CE-Programming/toolchain/blob/usbdrvce/src/fatdrvce/fatdrvce.h

But yeah, it's just slow Sad
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