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My goal in this is to be able to store the program on the Arduino some where, and then I can plug it into any ti-84 calculator, brand new, and it'll add that program to the calculator. I'd think it'd be possible because you can do this between two different calculators using transmit/receive over the 2.5mm line. If it's possible to do this at all I would love a guide and if not then I guess it's a feature request Razz

(This was originally a reply but I was told I should make it a topic so here Very Happy)
So, you can easily implement silent linking variable transfer of programs: ArTICL already implements silent linking of numeric variables, lists, strings, and even pictures. If you either don't want to or don't have the technical chops to implement it yourself, you're welcome to make a feature request / issue both here and on the ArTICL Github repo
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