Is it possible to downgrade TI-Nspire CX II-T CAS from os 6.0.3?Where is must be maded this calculator?I have "Made in China" is this normal?I have 'slots' to connect ti nspire cx navigator but i have only mini usb port!
No to downgrade. Yes to "made in china" being normal.
Adriweb wrote:
No to downgrade. Yes to "made in china" being normal.

Okay, but what about this, i have slots for ti nspire cx navigator on the sides of the case but i haven't an port for navigator, only mini usb for connecting to computer
that's also normal...
Adriweb wrote:
that's also normal...

Hello, I decided not to write to github, there is an issue in the calculation in your FormulaPro application where V = VR+VL for RL circuit and V = VR + VC for RC circuit , correct is
V=√(VR²+VC²) for RC and V=√(VR²+VL²) for RL
I could not find the formula itself in the source code, so please fix it, and check other circuits may be that's not all
Adriweb wrote:
that's also normal...

Okay, in wich file is wroted all of formulas?
it's all here...

Also, you should have made a separate topic
Adriweb wrote:

Hello, Adriweb, I don't want to create a new post, just tell me what is means and how to do it
'''Open your .tns file TI-Nspire Computer Software
Copy (put in clipboard) the tab where the lua script is
Simply launch the .jar file (you'll need to have Java installed)
The extracted Lua source code will be in the same folder as the .jar'''

How to Copy tab where lua script is?How i can do it through Ti-Nspire Cx Cas student software/Premium teacher software?I will be very grateful for the answer
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