So yeah, basically, I made a game that I called "Worldwide Combos". I chose that name because it sounds similar to "4-wide combos". ;D
Actually, this is very similar to games such as Tetris Battle®. Yet, I would like this plate-form to provide some competitive aspects that most existing similar games do not have.

The game is to be played with your browser. It should work at least on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome (haven't checked all existing browsers). It was mainly made with jQuery client side, and with Node.js server side.

Here is a little preview.



For now, it only supports 1 versus 1 games. Yet, if you don't have anybody to play with, you can play the "solo" mode which is actually a 1 versus 1 mode using asynchronous gaming (yes, I had a lot of fun making this).

The multiplayer games are made through a matchmaking system, that matches you to another waiting player according to your multiplayer ratings (there is a solo rating as well). There is a spectator mode, even though I am not 100% sure it works well... Razz

There are two handicap types : solid garbage (for both modes), and garbage with holes (which can be found in many games).

You may also customize the speed tunings, as well as the keys, and the time limit, and the KO limit. There is no "hurry up" mode either right now.

Upcoming features

I will probably try to make a better design, but for now it's not so ugly to my opinion.
There are many things I want to add, including an in-game chat system, etc.

I also want to make this plateform competitive, with an integrated tournament system.

Known issues

There are a lot of security issues right now, and I know it. I will fix them little by little.
Also, be careful not to press Enter while customizing options, as it might reload the game.


Hope you will like it, I had a lot fun making this, despite several (very) fustrating bugs. It is my first Node.js application, and I am quite satisfied by the result, that's why I am posting it now. Actually, I always wait until my projects are consistent before talking about them, because I am never 100% whether I will be able to do something that works or not. Razz

If you have comments or suggestions to make, feel free.
Thank you for reading! Good Idea

Released Worldwide Combos 0.2, with a second handicap type for multiplayer mode.
Have fun! Very Happy
You can now play Worldwide Combos 0.3, with a brand new design. The game in itself hasn't changed much, but modifications are made little by little.

If you are a beginner, you may now follow the tutorial that was made for you. If you already have an account, you can find it in Training.

There a some bugs that were found in the solo mode, and I am sorry for that. This will be fixed as soon as possible!

Have fun. Smile
Wow, that's really cool! I like the design of the site and the leaderboards.
Worldwide Combos 0.5 is available.

The custom games feature is now available. You may invite whoever you wish to invite, for a given number of rounds, with the rules you want. Note that both players need to have a validated account.

If you don't know who to invite, you may check the suggestion list, which should show you five players that have approximately the same level as you. Be careful though, if you weren't very active recently then it might not be very accurate.

Right now spectating a custom match is a little bit complicated, as you need to watch every round on a different page. Sorry for that. Fixing this is the next thing I am going to do.

I also fixed a few bugs, and made a few optimization, please tell me if it changes something for you (hopefully yes).

In between, 0.4 version was released, with a brand new design for the whole website, as well as new features such as the sprint mode, the warm-up mode, etc.

P.S. : thank you Alex, I thought I had replied but looks like I actually forgot.
Worldwide Combos 0.6 is available.

Main changes: 180° rotation was added, and the tournament system is now ready.

Therefore, I am glad to invite you to the first Worldwide Combos tournament, starting from November 27th. Good Idea
This is open to all players no matter their skill level, and at some point players will be splitted into two divisions according to their level.
More information here: https://www.worldwide-combos.com/tournament?id=1.

Good luck and have fun. ;D
Worldwide Combos 0.7 is finally available. Note that there are fancy snowflakes falling from the top of the screen. Razz

I made a lot of bug fixes, and I added a few things.

1) You may now customize block colors in options.
2) You can change your speed tunings in the tutorial and test them without refreshing anything.
3) There is a restart button, as well as a restart key in warm-up and sprint modes.
4) There are now profile pages for members. Right now they are not very accessible, but I will improve this in future patches.
5) There are also match report pages. Be careful though, due to past disconnections some data is weird. Tell me if you want a specific match to be rearranged correctly.
6) You may watch sprint replays. Very Happy

Have fun!

I released Worldwide Combos 0.8 last week.

I added a survivor mode, and I also made several small yet interesting improvements.
1) You can make blocks spawn one line higher.
2) You can disable the sound notification when starting a game.
3) You can switch to the new background (see the first post) if you like.
4) The game should run smoother when playing multiplayer games.

Also, there is a Beta Tournament starting on Monday. Players are splitted in two divisions. Register in Division 2 unless you are a pro player. Good luck and have fun! Very Happy
Registration: https://www.worldwide-combos.com/compete.
Home page: https://www.worldwide-combos.com
Worldwide Combos 0.9 is out. It fixes the bugs on Google Chrome, and lets the game scale to your screen. It also adds an API, and timezones support when scheduling matches. Also, you may now synchronize your Worldwide Combos account with your Discord account, and get Discord notifications instead of e-mail notifications.

There is another Beta Tournament starting from Monday. Very Happy
Registration: https://www.worldwide-combos.com/compete
Home page: https://www.worldwide-combos.com
It's been quite a long time since my last update... I updated the website to 0.10 then to 0.11, with a brand new dashboard, Quickplay with Bombs handicap, Bombs Survivor, Speed Limit Feature. Also, I made some adjustments to the gameplay: 8+ combos are nerfed, B2B system changed a bit and garbage messiness is increased.

Have fun!

Also, yet another Beta Tournament is starting from Monday. Smile
Registration: https://www.worldwide-combos.com/compete
Home page: https://www.worldwide-combos.com
Worldwide Combos 0.12 is out.
Main new features: 21-bag all-spins mode, sound effects, in-game chat.
Patch notes: https://www.worldwide-combos.com/news/18.
This looks cool! I think I might sign up
Awesome! Reminds me of Jstris, although Jstris doesn't have a rank system. I might start using this for competitive Tetris.
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