Hello all! Lately- as many of you know- I have taken up to ez80! I use notepad++ as my editor and fasmg as my assembler. But the problem is, I have grown tired of the laborious, repetitious processes required to build the .8xp file. Finally, I came upon a solution! Shortcuts! I figured that I would make a build_to_8xp shortcut in notepad++. After a bit of research I found this article, http://docs.notepad-plus-plus.org/index.php/Defining_User_Commands, and used it to create this shortcut in notepad++.
This, at least to my untrained eye, seems to be entirely functional, but it's not.
It gives me the error in the cmd prompt as source file not found, although it obviously should be... Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!! Very Happy

PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I couldn't find one that seemed to suit it…x Neutral
If I understand how this works correctly, it looks like you should remove the ".\" before "fasmg.exe"?

EDIT: And this, of course, is assuming you actually have the executable in the same directory as the file you're editing. Not totally sure why you're doing that anyway rather than having fasmg somewhere in a folder on your path.
Runer112 wrote:
If I understand how this works correctly, it looks like you should remove the ".\" before "fasmg.exe"?

I mean, I'll try it but I don't think that'll work

EDIT: yeah, fasmg is of course in the same file Very Happy

EDIT2: and yeah, the "./" is essential...

EDIT3: and yeah 2.0, the quotes are a good idea, but not the quintessential problem...
I'd also suggest putting quotes around each of the three "words" in that command: "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)fasmg.exe" "$(FILE_NAME)" "$(NAME_PART).8xp"
After a lot of back and forth on IRC, this seems to actually work, and it'll pause if there was any error so you can see it:

cmd /C cd "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" && fasmg.exe "$(FILE_NAME)" "$(NAME_PART).8xp" || pause
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