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My uncle gave me an old car DVD player with two screens. After some tinkering, I determined the DVD player part to be dead. However, I still have two screens. The screens have a DIN port that attach them to the DVD player and send power and the A/V signals. However, the screens also have a DC power port and NTSC composite video input. My idea was to put a Raspberry Pi inside to make a computer.

The Pi I am going to be using is the Pi 3B+ because of the amount of power it has. I also need a few other parts. I am ordering all the supplies from Adafruit. The composite connector is out of stock right now, so my order has to wait. Ok, not anymore. I found a TRRS plug with a cable in my junk pile. The other parts arrived. It will not have controls on the case, but will have the USB ports exposed to the outside of the case to plug in a keyboard or controller. It will also have the HDMI port on the outside to connect to an external monitor.

With the setup of the unit, I will need to make a few changes. For example, the input ports are too close to the outside of the case, so they will need to be removed and a direct connection made to the Pi. The 9v power brick I have is only 2A so I will need two power inputs, one for the screen and one for the Pi. I need the 3.5mm jack to be on the inside of the case for video and audio, but the MicroUSB and HDMI ports on the outside. I will get panel mount cables for those ports.

Here is a picture of the screen, with my TI84 for a size comparison.

Here is the port situation. The DC input is on the side.

03/10: Waiting for parts to arrive.

3.14: The Pi arrived. On Pi Day.
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