I apologize for asking these amateur questions, But I am really wrapped around the axle here....

Please do not just leave me to my own devise,

Nspire CAS (non CX)
I found two places to change from radian to degrees and I am still getting the radian (wrong answer) when I perform trig calculation on scratchpad.

There is obviously some third setting somewhere that I can't find.

Please, I know you guys are all way more advanced then I am, if I am on the wrong forum to ask such a simple question, please just tell me where the grammar school forum is and I will stop wasting both of our's time.


PS, I may not know this calculator yet, but I know how to send a robotic submarine down two miles deep into the sea and catch fish and recover treasure...
I have a TI-Nspire, but it doesn’t say CAS anywhere, so maybe this won’t help. For me I turn on the calculator. I press 5 (Settings and Status) which gives me some options. I select option 2 (Settings) then option 1 (General). That gives me a list of options and one of them is Angle. For Angle I select Degree and then OK. Then in Scratchpad, whenever I do trig calculations, my answer is for degrees.
Hey dave 1707,
Thank you for the advice. Yes, that was the easy one for me to find.

I changed it there for [general] and [graphs and geometry] but I was still getting the radian numerical value, which of course, was wrong...

After about an hour of searching, I found that there is a similar yet second set of those settings by pushing the [DOC] button from the scratch pad gives us {settings and status} select by [7] then [2] and then when I changed both the {general} and {graphs/geometry} to degreeº then I finally get the correct answer...

So, I may now be going to miss the deadline for my assignment, but at least I know for next time.

Thank you for your help.

PS, I can repair a 486 computer that was submerged into the ocean while turned on... don't ask.
Hey dave1707, now I am curious

Please check to see if you too have that second set of settings (on your non CAS) from the scratchpad by selecting the [DOC][7][2] button.

I will finger in a bit later and see if I can deduce which one was causing my errant calculation and how the other three are going to mess with me in the future...

I really need to know this nspire like an extension of my brain... that, and the -84+CE

I have the second set also. If I’m not mistaken, when you do the settings from the main screen (when you first turn the calculator on) those are the default settings. When you go into a document, you can use the default settings or you can change any of the settings for that document. That way each document can have their own settings. One document can use radians for the trig functions and another document can use degrees for the trig functions or any changes for the other settings. I don’t know the Nspire that well. The people I got it from bought it for their son to use in school, but it was too complicated. So they just stuck it in a drawer. Years later they decided to sell it. I got it for $10 just to play around with, but I don’t know it that well. It has all the manuals and a second keypad. It’s in perfect condition and looks like it’s never been used which is what they said.
Hi dave1707,
Thanks for the confirmation and information.

I have not had opportunity to look into this further yet (my own research as to why I had to change the settings in documents to change the Trig results from radian to degº on the scratch pad.. That just seems counter intuitive and basically: goofy.

From scratchpad, the first opportunity to change settings, should in fact pertain to the scratch pad settings.... makes sense, right?
FabricGATOR, Not sure what you’re running into, but here’s what I get on my Nspire. When I turn my Nspire on, I have an option 5 at the bottom of the screen that lets me set different setting for Scratchpad. So if I set Angle to degrees, then my Scratchpad trig functions use degrees. If I create a Document, I can set Angle to radians and when I do trig functions there, they’re in radians. Each Document created starts out with the Scratchpad settings, but you can change any of the settings for that Document and it won’t affect the original Scratchpad setting. If I’m in a Document, I can move the pointer to the gear/battery icon in the upper right corner of the Document. It shows what the current Angle and Battery values are. If I press the center of the 4 arrow button with the pointer over the gear/battery icon, it brings up a list that allows me to change the settings for that Document. Or while in a Document, you can press the doc key where you can press Settings and change things.
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