I知 attempting to make a space invaders game in ICE. My main problem is dealing with a load of objects that must be used (Aliens and bullets and all that.) I think I need a list to store their positions, but I知 not sure how the program should flow. I need to go through the list to figure out what to render, update position, AND check for collision - all rather slow with the function I wrote. There is a Seek() command but I don稚 know how it works. Any help appreciated! Smile
I would suggest that you post some of the code that you already have so we can see what you're doing.
Also, all this higher level OOP lingo isn't gonna do you any good if you think about your components as "objects" and your display commands as "rendering". ICE isn't C#, you don't get the luxury of doing this.transform.position += new Vector3(1.0f,0,0);. I think trying to translate like this clouds up your mind with concepts that don't really apply anyway and unconsciously you'll be splitting up your code into logical parts that end up being less efficient.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12jr4n9zc2Oago_HfuoI1Bbr0ssW5E5nn is a link. And about lingo: I don稚 know C# and I知 making this up as I go along.
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