Hello, Cemetech. About 13 hours ago, I intentionally corrupted the flash on my TI-84+ SE by disconnecting the transfer cable while installing the OS. I then removed a battery, and reinserted it while holding "MODE", which apparently puts the calculator into some sort of flash testing mode.

It showed the "Testing flash..." screen for a while, but then I foolishly stopped paying attention. When I looked back at it, it displayed "9". After about 5 seconds, it displayed "10". It's been slowly incrementing something for quite some time now (it's now on "8152"). I'd like to at least know what it's doing, and whether or not I should be concerned.

Here's an example. Apologies for the shaky camera.

EDIT: It's apparently the RAM test, part of the TI-8X series self-test. After a bit of trial and error, I've managed to get my TI-84+ SE back in working order.
Glad to hear it's all fixed now!
Michael2_3B wrote:
Glad to hear it's all fixed now!

Actually, I broke it again shortly after I fixed it. I think I might've deleted part of the certificate. I made a Reddit post about it here (I'm too lazy to copy/paste the majority of it). I've heard you can restore a messed up certificate with a second calculator, which is why I bought two TI-73 Explorers. Turns out those don't work either; though for different reasons, I'd imagine.

EDIT: I've dumped my current certificate, and uploaded it here. As you can see, I really did somehow manage to erase the entire thing.
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