PseudoProgrammer and I have started a project to build railroads with gobbed modules segments. So far, we've modelled:

>> Straight track
>> 30-degree curve
>> 90-degree curve
>> Right switching track
>> Tilt lead-in track
>> Straight tilt track
>> Support arch

Check out the first good application of them (we discarded a previous attempt with misaligned curves) here, called the iRailRoad or IRR, so named because the colors remind me of the Ikea color scheme:

Click to enlarge
thats one long train Razz
elfprince13 wrote:
'gobs plox. I have all but the switching rail.
Doublepost--; I'll have the server up this evening.
grr, and tonight, I am in Ubuntu, great (elf, any luck on getting blockland working in it yet?)

btw, will iGobs be available at all to us for building of train tracks of our own?
none, I left a plee to shadowz to release the current tbm engine based on torque 1.5 that hes been working on, along with linux builds.
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