Hello together!

This is my second go on a Raspberry Pi hearted TI-84+. (Note to mods: I really want to make this a new project without any affiliation to the old so I need a new topic).

I have decided for an early hardware version of the 84+ as it's PCB can be cut smaller than on the new versions.
For the keyboard and power management, I am going to use a Teensy 3.2 that will hook up to the 84+'es matrix.

The Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect solution for the CPU since it is the smallest and the least power-hungry of all Raspberry Pi's.
For the power supply I will be using a slim power bank or an old Samsung Galaxy S3 mini battery (depending on how much space I have left).

To keep the authenticity, I am sticking to a monochrome LCD, however, mine is 128x64px and has the same physical size as the original screen:
Nice find with that monochrome screen! In fact, that should let you emulate everything from the TI-73 to the TI-86 except for the color-screen calculators. I will wait with bated breath to see how this leg of the project proceeds. Where are you going to start with building it?
I was trying to make a gamepad with a digispark pro which proved to be terribly unreliable. Switched to Teensy LC and it worked much better so good move.

Do you have ambition to develop a colour version somewhere down the road as well?
So... Any updates on this project?
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