I am just curious about my LCD screen. It was normal until a black spot appeared just to the right of the display area of the screen. Over time, it creeped to the the top of the display and about 2/3rd of the way down in a jagged line. It is present with the power on or off. Since it was immediately adjacent to the screen it did not affect the use of the calculator other than the scrolling busy indicator on the right was a bit harder to see. Now the jagged line is fading and is much less prominent.

Like I mentioned, it isn't a problem but am just curious as to what is happening if anyone knows.
Sounds like pressure damage, something probably pushed on it too hard and messed up the liquid part of the LCD.
That was my only guess but did not remember any impacts but who knows. Fortunately, it doesn't impact the display part of the screen and is fading significantly.

Thanks for the info.!!!
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