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Latest beta is 22 June 2019 b. It includes several important bug fixes and improved save/resume functionality.

The Colossal Cave Adventure is the world's first text-based adventure game and the first interactive fiction game. The core game is based on a real cave system, but extended with elements drawn from fantasy literature and tabletop gaming. It is the inspiration for countless subsequent games that were popular in the 80's and 90's. And it is coming soon to a calculator near you!

Will Crowther began writing Colossal Cave Adventure in 1975 and in 1977 it was significantly expanded by Don Woods. Despite the game's age, it is still a fairly largely game. You will not be able to get the best score in just a few hours (. . . unless you just look up an online walk though). I had to spend quite a lot of time optimizing the dungeon data file to save space on-calculator, eventually squeezing it down to about 45 K, with the game's executable taking another 50 K.

While many authors have introduced countless ports of the game, they usually had shortcomings in portability or readability. Thanks to the work of Eric S. Raymond et al., there is now a reasonably-maintainable C version of the game, with an extensive regression test suite to guarantee that it exactly matches Don Woods's last FORTRAN version. My version of The Colossal Cave Adventure is derived from ESR's Open Adventure, and thanks to ESR's test suite, I know that my port of Open Adventure to the TI-84 Plus CE remains true to the classic 1977 version.


The calculator port of Adventure does now run well. It may have some major bugs remaining, but appears to be fully playable. Here's a picture of my rudimentary console at work:

Hopefully, a new generation will now experience this classic game.
Wow! Love it! Text adventure is making a comeback!
I think I've gotten this into a playable state, so here's the first public beta. Save/resume even works right (except you can't use "resume", only "resum" without the E). I don't foresee any need to break saving, either, so it should be safe to start playing without worrying about breaking changes later.

Note that the Resume option on the main menu does nothing. Start a new game, say no (or yes) to whether you want instructions, and then type "resum" without an E. EDIT: In fact, you must truncate all words to five characters, because Mateo apparently decided that strcasecmp was the same routine as strncasecmp. I have a workaround in place for the next beta.

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