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Server War is one of two PvP competitions I was running back on the 1.12 server and will be the first I attempt to relaunch in 1.13 (the second being Star Trek PvP, which is delayed because I need to work on new ship builds and map setups).

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Cemetech is a no-PvP server (at least, without consent). Server War was my attempt to let players who like to PvP in a controlled environment do so. Unlike my other PvP events, where it's a map of my creation, in Server War, you create the map. On some servers where PvP is allowed, your base must serve as both your house and your defense station.

Server War works as follows: players (or teams of players) may choose to become participants in the event by simply constructing a defensive build within their base (or nearby/elsewhere) that they can defend. This structure must pass an inspection ensuring that it conforms to a series of rules (listed below), and then you are officially a participant. During an actual match, there are two teams of players: defenders and invaders.

Defense Structure Guidelines

1) Please try to keep your structures a manageable size. There is no formal minimum or maximum size but it should be large enough to be challenging, but small enough to not require wandering around for days to get somewhere. A general recommendation is 2x2, in chunks.

2) Your structure can kill invading players, but it cannot destroy their drops. This means no lava, cactus, or TNT traps. You may make use of TNT in your defense, but be careful with spamming TNT because it can destroy player's drops.

3) Your structure should be as secure as possible while still being accessible and navigable. This means no giant cobble or obsidian boxes with no door and no virtually impassable mazes (yea, I'm looking at you Turq).

4) Your structure may be manual defense, automated defense, or a combination of the two. That is up to you.

**If your structure meets these three criteria, it will be approved. Also bear in mind that *if* your structure is approved and a gear-destroying trap is later added to your base (or discovered later), your stats for this entire event will be zeroed for a first offense. If you are in violation of this rule against gear destruction more than once, you may be assigned more severe penalties by the staff.


A "server war" match will be announced via discord and in-game approximately 1 week prior to it's estimated date and time. It may be adjusted based on the availability of participants. At that time, I will randomly select one participant from the list of participants (on video), and announce that selected player (or team). That team or player will be the ones defending their structure for the match, meaning that team has one week to prepare their defense and loot chest and other players not chosen to defend have one week to prepare to invade. A team or player who has been selected as a defender who realizes they will not be available on the match date may ask for a deferment. Another player or team will be selected at random, and the deferred player or team will be the *next* team to defend. They may not defer that.

Invading players may work in teams or solo. Both teams may use whatever equipment they want to except for the following: enchanted golden apples, chorus fruit. I will also allow, but impose a 1-stack per player limitation on ender pearls. Bear in mind that you may lose whatever gear you use for this event. It's unlikely, but possible.

When the match starts, players should be in their locations and ready to attack or defend. If you are on defense and not online, and have not deferred or are unable to, your base will have to be on it's own, unmanned. Points will be assigned to you and the attacking players in the same manner as indicated in the Scoring section. Failure to have a chest set up, whether you are online or not, will cause the loss of points equal to 1 stack of iron. I know this sounds a bit harsh, but fair play is important to me.

The loot chest is a chest that should be hidden somewhere in the most secure section of your defense build that is the target of the invading team. I will at some point craft and offer banners to mark this chest with clearly. I ask that you fill this chest with at least one stack of an item no less rare than iron. The objective of the defending team is to either (1) stop attacking players from raiding this chest or to (2) kill them before they successfully escape your base. Defenders are not allowed to leave the area of their structure to pursue an escaping player... you may snipe them from anywhere within or on top of it, but you may not leave it. The objective of that attacking team is to raid the loot chest and escape the base with the loot. Simply getting TO the chest does not count.

Players will have a 1 hour time limit to attack/defend their bases. At the end of the hour, all PvP must stop.
A moderator, admin, or event organizer will take a tally of the total loot that was in the chest, the amount remaining, and the amount each invading player successfully escaped with.

Point allocation is simple: all defending players receive one (1) point per item remaining in the loot chest when time is called. Attacking players receive one (1) point per item they successfully stole from the loot chest.

Multipliers are then assigned, based on the material(s) that were in the chest. Iron and lapis are scored at 1:1, meaning no multiplication occurs. Gold ore or gold is scored at 1.2:1, meaning a 20% increase. Diamonds and lapis ore are scored at 1.5:1, diamond ore is scored at 2:1. Emeralds and emerald ores are scored at 2:5:1. So the more rare the material you are using, the more points everyone can earn.

It's that simple.

* This means that a loot chest with more items in it means higher potential scores for all participants.

It is my hope that in the future, points earned from this event and others may earn players tokens that they can use to buy special equipment and goodies you cannot otherwise obtain.

Other Important Notes

1) No gear stealing. Please take care to preserve the gear of other players to the best extent possible. If you kill a player, try to acquire their gear and hold on to it or toss it in a chest.

2) Gear return will occur at the end of the match. Do not bug other players to return your gear during the event. Prepare a few backup sets, use them, and re-enter the battle. Gear return will be sorted at the end of the match.

3) I will set up an "insurance" fund for gear lost during the event. This is limited to armor and enchantments. I cannot guarantee 100% replacement if you lose a piece of armor or a weapon (unlikely, but possible). But the fund may be able to replace the diamonds and some of the enchantments. All participants in the Server War event may donate to the insurance fund at any time. Donations accepted are: iron ingots, diamonds, and various assorted armor and weapon enchantments.
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