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Server War is one of two PvP competitions I was running back on the 1.12 server and will be the first I attempt to relaunch in 1.13 (the second being Star Trek PvP, which is delayed because I need to work on new ship builds and map setups).

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Cemetech is a no-PvP server (at least, without consent). Server War was my attempt to let players who like to PvP in a controlled environment do so. Unlike my other PvP events, where it's a map of my creation, in Server War, you create the map. On some servers where PvP is allowed, your base must serve as both your house and your defense station.

Server War works as follows: Read the rules, add the checkmark react to the pinned post in #event-discussion, and join the event. It's that simple.

PS: I double check that emoji before every match. I require you have your name submitted to it in order to participate in this event due to the nature of this event and the potential for problems and disputes to arise. If you unsubmit your name, I will assume you are withdrawing from the event.


Number 1: Setup

(1a) To join Server War, simply enter the secondary Server War world via the cannon-looking portal on the northern side of Spawn. Once there, you can head in any direction between the spawn area and the world border and find a suitable area to build in.

(1b) You may work solo or with a team capped to 7 or 8 players (we may ask teams to split if participation is low). I recommend at least five (5) players on a team.

(1c) Your server war structure should be sufficiently large to help you defend your area, but not so large that it prevents others from making adequate use of the terrain. Also, similar to the overworld, respect the building space of others.

(1d) Your base must be visible from the surface of the world (or placed underwater ON the seabed). Hiding yourself away to avoid conflict is not allowed.

(1e) It is not permissible to build out of materials not destructible by TNT or breakable by players in survival. As the spirit of this event is to promote the ABILITY to capture an enemy base, I will amend this rule to "You cannot build an unbreachable base out of said indestructible materials. You may use *some* in your build so long as the build remains breachable."

(1f) It is required to place a bed within your server war structure and place a flag marking the structure as yours over or near your bed. These two are involved in the conditions of capture.

(1g) You may enclose your bed within a secure room that renders the bed unable to be destroyed by TNT, forcing enemy players to physically break into your base, PvP your team, and win. In this context, "room" is defined as an area sufficiently large that a player can fully enter the room while standing. This room must be accessible by enemy players.

(1h) It is impermissible to scout out, profile, or collect intelligence about an enemy (or other) structure involved in the event while an actual match is not underway. Anyone found to be violating this rule intentionally will be disqualified from the event. Intentionally will be qualified as having been found (1) using stealth to do so or, (2) having been seen near a build, asked to leave and not doing so.

Number 2: Equipment/Materials

(2a) You are allowed to use whatever gear or weapons you want to use. KeepInventory is enabled, so you do not need to worry about losing anything (unless it breaks in combat).

(2b) You may use elytra. Having people in the air providing cover or air support. You may use ender pearls (for now, subject to change).

(2c) You may use any form of magic you wish, with the one exception of enchanted golden apples. This means you are allowed potions of strength and invisibility.

(2d) You are allowed to use TNT, both for catapulting enemy builds, breaking through walls, or taking out enemy players. It follows that you are allowed to use TNT as counter-artillery, or to self-destruct.

Number 3: Gameplay

(3a) Each Server War "Match" will last one hour, after which all hostility ceases. The end of a match does not necessarily mean the end of a round, as you will read later... the next match may continue the round if the end-of-round conditions are unmet.

(3b) Upon the start of an event, you must set your spawnpoint to your base by using the bed there. If your base is incomplete at the time, you will either have to: complete it during the match or team with another team.

(3c) The objective for you and/or your team is to attack and fell enemy bases. You do this by breaking the bed in their defense structure (preventing their respawn there) and placing one of your own, then proceeding to replace their flag with your own. You may then choose to reset your own spawn point there if you feel it presents a tactical advantage to do so.
(3c Amend 2) Please note that *having* your bed broken does not automatically eject you from your base. It simply prevents the defending team from respawning there. Defending players may continue to defend this area against assault and then replace their bed to prevent being ejected. In order for a team to lose or "be ejected" from it's base, the bed must be broken and the defending team cleared out of the area... something akin to "clearing an objective" in Battlefront.

(3d) You may attack an enemy base using a number of means, including stealth, elytra, or explosives with the following limitations: You are not allowed to break or place a block of any kind within 25 blocks of the outermost wall of an enemy structure. This limitation extends to build height. You may launch a block from outside this radius however.

(3e) To attempt to balance the combat between larger and smaller teams, the maximum players to attack party cap is set at HALF the maximum team size of 8. This means no attack parties greater than four (4) players. Teams may mutually agree to waive this restriction if, by merger, many teams have significantly more than the team max size, or if smaller teams wish for more challenge.

(3f) Being ejected from your base does not eliminate you from the event. You may re-enter the world via the spawn portal and then attempt to set up another base, or team with another group of players (including the team that captured your base). You may also attempt to recapture your own base, following the procedures outlined in (3c), but bear in mind that you cannot re-occupy your old, captured base until you are able to replace the bed inside it, replace your flag, and set your spawnpoint. In fact, rejoining the event in ANY way requires you to reset your spawnpoint by using a bed... be in a recap of your old base, joining a new team, or building a new base. You must place a bed (or use an existing one) to set your spawnpoint.

(3g) A team that feels it cannot reestablish a foothold in this round can choose to surrender. Doing so means they cannot participate until the round ends.

(3h) When a team has full map control, or two teams remain and one is defeated, the current round ends, and then the map area is regenned and the border expanded slightly.

Number 4: Disputes

(4a) All matches will be recorded via ReplayMod (assuming it is updated and stable for this version of Minecraft). If ReplayMod is not available, I will find some other method of recording.

(4b) In the event that a review of an incident or conduct during an event is needed, a neutral panel of players who are not participating in the event will be asked to review relevant footage from that part of the event and render a decision within the parameters of the issue. For instance, a disputed base capture may be overturned by said panel of players.

(4c) In extreme cases, the panel may decide that a player (or team) has engaged in deliberate rule-breaking, misconduct, or breaking the spirit of the rules. This may lead to a player or team being (1) disqualified, (2) forced to sit out of one or more matches, (3) having the capture or fall of a base overturned or having it's base felled for rule violations that prevented defeat from occurring during the match.

(4d) If you are interested in acting as an arbiter for the event, please contact me. You cannot be involved in the server war event at all in order to serve this role, nor can you have any bias towards a particular team.

Number 5: Scoring

(5a) A player receives 1 point per kill.

(5b) When a bed is destroyed, the player who broke it receives two (2) points, and the rest of the team receives one (1) point.

(5c) At round end, any player on a team with an unbroken bed receives two (2) points.

(5d) At round end, every player receives two (2) points per base with it's flag flying over it.

(5e) At round end, any player on a team with 4 or less players will receive one (1) points. Players on a team with two or less players will receive two (2) points instead.

The Bill of Fights

Amend. #1: (1g) Beds no longer allowed to be directly enclosed, instead this prohibited and allowance for an accessible, TNT-proof secure room allowed. See rule directly.

Amend. #2: (3c) Further qualification of conditions for team losing their base. Simply breaking bed is not enough, defending team must be cleared out of base as well. Defenders still alive may continue to defend and replace the bed.
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