I am new to the forum and new to graphing calculators. They came out after I got out of school and never picked one up until recently. I used to have a programmable TI-55 with the old led display. The buttons were difficult to use and sometimes registered and sometimes not. I also had a Sharp EL-5500II which ran basic and had a two line character screen. I would have probably kept it but I had none of the peripherals to store the programs which were erased when changing batteries or I ran out of space.

Over the past few years, I picked up a TI 85, TI-82, two TI-83 plus' and a Casio CFX-9850G at garage sales or thrift stores. I was surprised to find out that the TI-83 is still considered somewhat current. I ended up selling the TI-85 and one of the TI-83 plus'.

I have not had time to look at them until now. I am almost done going through the owners manual for the TI-83 plus. I got a connectivity kit which I will try soon. My first project will be a pizza dough calculator. I have an outdoor wood fired pizza oven. The program will calculate my ingredients based on the number of pizzas, percent white vs whole wheat flour (this changes the hydration), and the size of pizzas desired (that depends if they are to be boxed for travel).

I am looking forward to spending some time on the forum.
Welcome! We're glad you're here. (:
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