Best wishes for a happy, peaceful Christmas and holiday season from the Cemetech staff to all of you and your family and friends! No matter what you celebrate (or don't), we hope this is a moment to take a break to enjoy time with your friends and family, think about your successes and learn from your mistakes, and look forward to the next year. As you may have seem from recent news, we want to make sure that even in the midst of your busy lives you're able to do some programming, so even if it has been a while, grab your computer or calculator and create something!

Like last year, we wanted to give you a small TI-BASIC program to inspire your holiday. Here's a simple program for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition that will draw ornaments on your graphscreen (and politely restore your graphscreen when you press any key). If you want to load this onto your own calculator, you can type it out by hand, or if you click the SourceCoder 3 share link below, you can download the .8xp file. Happy holidays!

SourceCoder 3 (ORNAMENT) wrote:
:StoreGDB 0
:FnOff :AxesOff
:Repeat getKey
: randInt(6,16->R
: randInt(R,264-R->A
: randInt(R-164,~R->B
: {Blue,Red,Magenta,Green,Orange,Navy,Yellow
: Ans(randInt(1,dim(Ans
: For(X,B+R,B+R+4,2
: Line(A-3,X,A+3,X,1,Gray,2
: End
: For(X,A-R,A+R
: Line(X,B-sqrt(R^^2-(X-A)^^2),X,B+sqrt(R^^2-(X-A)^^2),1,Ans,1
:RecallGDB 0

The Program
ORNAMENT in TI-BASIC in SourceCoder

Awesome program Kerm, this is a must download!
Hah, beat me to it. A NECROpost on Halloween...
Not a necropost exactly, it was a spammer who I jokingly replied to. (Then the spam post was deleted)
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