So I was writing ~MATH~ in a school calculator for fun, and I stumbled on some issues.
The most important issue was that the menu doesn't always work, instead sometimes giving a Non-Real Error. I've got no clue why that is, so instead of researching how to prevent it, I'm going to chuck several functions onto each label using if statements.
The other issue was that the mode finder of the set data function isn't very reliable. As such, I'm currently working on a better way to count. I hate how the simplest tasks are the hardest ones for computers to do.

Expect a version 1.1 by the new year.

If you are experiencing other problems, feel free to DM me on Instagram @matt.pattok (best way to reach me), PM me on Cemetech, or reply to this topic.
What does your code look like? Your description of your problems is pretty vague
Pieman7373 wrote:
What does your code look like? Your description of your problems is pretty vague

I'm pretty sure I can fix it myself, but I can try to explain I suppose. The program is written in Casio Basic, and users navigate with labels. The Home screen menu is something like:

Menu "Math HOME","Linear",1,"Quadratic",2,"Circle",3,"Point Transformation",4,"Miscellaneous",5,"EXIT",6

The functions giving me problems were under Miscellaneous, which was something like this before I deleted it to chuck all its functions into if statements under other labels:

Menu "Misc. Math","Set Data",T,"Factors",U,"P on AB with AP:BP",V,"Grade Stuff",W,"Random Number",X

The Non-Real Error only happened on Grade Stuff and Random Number, so I just assumed those labels don't work in Casio Basic or something.

The other issue was the modes thing. I already deleted that code, so I don't have it to explain, but I'm just working on a different method. I think before I had it count the occurences of each term, then go through and add each term that appeared that many times to a modes list, then go through and take one of each mode from that list. It was pretty inefficient, so I'm just trying a new method.
I've just submitted the update, so it should be up soon. I tested each function and it seems to all be working, but if you have more issues then please tell me so that I can fix them too.
This morning I realized that the update file I submitted wasn't in a .zip file, so I resubmitted today.
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