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Hey everybody.

Alright, so this post is long overdue, and I feel like I have really left you all in the dark about where this project went and where it is going. Yes, Skyrim CE is still in development, and yes, I will be releasing an Alpha soon. The amount of time I'd have to work on it while at university (and my own ability to procrastinate) was simply underestimated when I began work ~7 months ago (a, was it really that long ago; I'm a true Indie developer now!).

At any rate, it's time I give you all a well-deserved progress update and new project timeline.

Questions People Have Totally Asked Me
    How much code have you written? Uhhhhh, some. Very little, actually. I haven't gotten around to converting all my pseudocode and flow diagrams and pre-documentation into an actual engine yet. I should, though. I need to. I'll keep you posted.

    Well, how much of the map have you designed? Here is the tentative world map structure:

    where each colored square is a region, and each region is divided in 9 primary sectors (along with a few extra ones like buildings, should they exist). I've begun designing Riverwood in a Minecraft world (state-of-the-art, I know), and I have a decent Python script to convert a world "drawing" into the tilemap. Screenshots are due in a few weeks.

    Alright, what about NPCs? The NPC data format is essentially complete: I've jampacked as much data as I can into the list structure, allowing for NPC to have inventory, full dialogue, and combat stats. I also have a half-working Python Tkinter UI for designing them, but I haven't worked on it in a while. NPCs will be able to move around the world as well (though they don't very often), and change their dialogue based on completed quests. And yes, all of your favorite NPCs will be present.

    Speaking of which, quests? The data format is also essentially complete for quests. There will be many, but I can't code all of them. The good ones, though.

    How will save slots work? There won't be. The player will have one save at a time, unless they can hook a USB to their calculator for extra storage. I mean, c'mon, what were you expecting?

    Mods? Yes? Yes, mods. I have the system set up to handle 625 mods total. You pick a two-letter code that hasn't already been taken, and BAM, new mod; the game itself is technically a mod (with code SK). Mods can add new NPCs, regions, and texture maps to the game, and NPCs can move between mods at will. A sort of "override" system is in the works as well, whereby if you design a NPC in your mod that has the same ID as an NPC in a different mod, the load order will make that NPC's dialogue and such override the other one to allow mods to build upon the base game.

    You were talking about cutscenes in the IRC a few days ago. How are those? Cutscenes will be interpreted like regular regions, except the player can't move or do anything. They will be the same quality as the rest of the game (which I guess is a good thing?). For example (ignore the lack of passengers):

    Hey you, you're finally awake...
    Dragon encounters and a few other specific spots will be treated as cutscenes. I've only got 10 picture variables after all, and I've already set one for the menu and one for the world map...

    Oh yeah, dragon battling! How will I fight a dragon? Turn-based. Yeah, not as cool, I know, but it's the best I can do. My work on the battling engine is quite literally zero, but it's looking to be a combination of Pokemon and Undertale; those NPCs stats I mentioned earlier will be a factor, as well as a bit of random chance. Dragons will probably have a unique battle mode since their, well, dragons.

And now, the quickfire round!
    Sprinting? No.
    Horses? No.
    Sneaking? Yes.
    Quest markers? Yes.
    Load screens? *sigh* Yes...
    Followers? Yes.
    Perks? Yes.
    Standing stones? Yes.
    DLC? When I get around to it. But tentatively, yes.
    Achievements? Yes. Custom ones too.
    Multiplayer support? No. Link cables suck.
    Any Assembly at all? Yes. Memory management would be impossible without it. Shoutout to Mateo for his help with it so far, in fact.

I think that is everything I have to report right now. Sorry that I don't have much "tangible" stuff to show-off, but since everything is reliant on the game engine I haven't written yet...you can see the problem. But thanks to everyone for keeping interest in the project and helping me remember that this project isn't just for me. A lot of you want to see it complete, and I haven't done a good job so far of fulfilling that promise.
Shoutout to Mateo, PT_, TheLastMillennial, JWinslow, LogicalJoe, and a handful of others for their support so far.

Finals are almost over. An Alpha by the end of the summer, I promise.
Until then, wish me luck. I've got a long road still ahead of me.

This looks much better than I ever expected it to be, hehe
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