I'm attempting to make a basic space invaders game with just circles and things. I have the ship working but I have no idea how to make the aliens. I'm thinking of a list with values corresponding to each alien? Like each alien gets 3 numbers that determine its state and if should be rendered. Would that work? I have no idea, I'm mostly self-taught. ICE is great however.
ICE is indeed great for faster gameplay. It beats TI Basic by a long shot. I am also self-taught but sometimes I did indeed need research for some ice programming help. I currently do not know how exactly to make lists in ICE, but I believe once I figure it out I can be more of help. List can work and I can bet they will work. Missile collision is a huge factor. Be sure that you also have a list that contains each aliens x and y coordinates. If a missile x and y equals an aliens x and y, we can either set it to 0 for dead or 1 alive, or more than 1 if you want if to have multiple lives. Does this help? If not I can try to research and assist you more
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