Hi all,

I got myself a TI-84 CE-T just a few days ago. I signed up at TI Basic Dev, but came here for Assembly. Looking forward to become proficient in both languages.

My calc came with v. and managed to downgrade it to v 5.3.0 as the token Asm84CEPrgm was blocked. I did this so I can get lowercase letter editing within the calc. That inspired me to learn more about assembly.

I am from a time where homecomputers came onto the market, so I can say I have a fair share of computer knowledge. I dabble in Arduino, computer languages, graphics and fine arts, physics and number theory.

I am looking forward to learn ez80 assembly for my calc and try to find out everything about it.

I read all the available books about the TI-84 and am aware that one the author is running this site. Looking forward to meet him here one day.

I found some assembly guides here but nonetheless hope to get the latest info on how to setup my Pc with the needed IDEs etc to get started in assembly.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best reagrds


P.S. I have by joining TI Basic Dev also created a wiki site where I will be using it as diary to post about my upcoming learning experiences with the TI-84 CE-T.
Haha, this topic title reminded me of one of our members called OldNewTimer. Razz

Welcome to Cemetech! If you stick around I'm sure you'll see KermMartian (the author you spoke about) very soon!
Thanks. Lucky I didn't chose the intro title as my user name that couls have lead to some confusion. btw. just found the online editor here. It's amazing. Does it compile and load directly onto my calc also? I will find out soon.
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