Compare this to line 3:

[i]IMAGE // Name of file
20->X->Y // Sets X and Y to 20 (not important)
New problem: it's compiling, now the repeat block's not running... I think it's the
DefineSprite turning into "minY" in the TI-BASIC editor...
// Line 3 here
det(0 // Turns on graphics mode
Repeat getKey(15) // Arrow key input, stops when clear is pressed
f getKey(4) //Up
If getKey(1) //Down
If getKey(2) //Left
If getKey(3) //Right
det(57,FRUIT,X,Y // Renders FRUIT sprite
det(1 //Returns to normal
The problem is not ICE, the problem is that your variable is named "ORANGE". SC automatically converts that to the ORANGE token, which is a color name, which indeed isn't implemented. Smile
You can't use getKey to detect the state of the on key.
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