I'm sorry to say that I have another idea in ICE. Many a times I have said I will do something, but never do it. But this time, I will finish this project before 2D Minecraft CE rolls out in Alpha v4.0.

If you want to discuss that, please refer to its forum.

Anyways, I plan on this being my main project, and it is coming along nicely!
So far, I have a main menu and some options work. I still have to add the actual editor, but features are rolling out quickly!
Features already added:
- Main Menu
- The ability to create circuit data appvars is added. The size of the circuit is 60*60 blocks.
- Easter Egg added in the Main Menu. This menu looks nice, but a special key must be pressed to activate the Easter Egg.

Features I haven't added YET:
- Circuit Editor, which includes the actual circuit parts as well.

Please comment what electronic parts you want added!
Update news: I have been working on this for a few days, and I'm ready to show off what it can do in a few minutes. Only the main menu works, as well as making new circuit data and loading a circuit's data.
As I said, there is an easter egg, and I'll show what it does too. It basically changes the color of the cursor constantly.
- The editor is still not added yet.
- I used det(1) and det(0) in the appvar creating routine. This way if Garbage Collect pops up, you will be able to see the menu completely.

Get ready for some screenshots...

EDIT: Here's a screenshot:
Is this still being worked on? Smile
Justin wrote:
Is this still being worked on? Smile

Not really. I kinda wanted to cancel it, but I might continue, but I’m not sure...
Please do continue (le bump). I would like to see this made Smile
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