Do you want Nether and End Portals in this project?
 30%  [ 3 ]
Yes, but RAM use is an issue with my CE
 40%  [ 4 ]
Not really, but maybe later
 10%  [ 1 ]
Nope, not on my CE! Maybe a version with and without.
 10%  [ 1 ]
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

bikmin wrote:
Wow! Looks real impressive! RAM use is an issue, you might want to work on optimizing. Keep up the good work!

Optimizing stage will happen once I figure out why it's not working. I have a program called SCROLLV3. It's my 3rd scrolling world attempt that actually works properly.

I tried using CopyData() to save numbers to L1. But that's not working. Instead of the correct numbers showing when I display the lists contents, it has big numbers and the fourth number in the list is correct. I tried this:


...and this:


but that doesn't work either. That's why I increment by 7s, but that eats up RAM! I need help.
CopyData(L1,4,0,1,2,3) creates a 4byte list right? That should be by fours. I usually use 2s, why do you need such big numbers?
I need basically a way to edit a list 1 spot at a time, like ti basic. The list has to have a dimension of 40*40. And I want to put a number from, say, 1-17 (for now), in a spot in that list one at a time. The way I use it right now is each position times 7. Because I tried making it like TI BASIC. But, instead of L1(1), I did L1(7), L1(2) with L1(14), and so on. But that ate up RAM and I believe that's why the world doesn't display properly. I might try deleting L1 (actually L5, because L5 is the world data) after the game generates a world and converts the list to a string (Str0).
The second argument to CopyData isn't the amount of values to be copied, but the size of each value being copied. If all the numbers in the list will be less than 256, you can use the value 1 there, and then access values from the list using *{L1+INDEX}. If the numbers will be more than 255, you can use the value 3 and then access values using L1(INDEX*3) or {L1+INDEX*3}.

Using only 3 out of 7 bytes is a tremendous waste of space. You should use one of the two methods above instead.

Current version: v1.3.2 alpha testing stage.
Furnaces, beds, and torches cannot be placed yet (they are saved, but not drawn)

I will release a newer version Tuesday, but for now, here's a link to the fixed version (as seen in the screenshots earlier, with coding fixes and bug fixes)


Have Fun!!! I didn't keep up to my promise of the Valentine's Day Update, hearts aren't added, sorry. They will arrive Tuesday too.
A new release... THE BUG UPDATE (obviously)
- Attempted less lag, ghosting, graphics bugs, etc.
- VALENTINES DAY UPDATE was added, as promised. Hearts are added but not functional, lives aren't deducted for damage.
- Fix Bug with PLAY Menu
- Fix Bug with CREDITS Menu.
- Once again, added Furnaces (still not functional yet), ladders (not functional yet), Beds (you can sleep at night), and torches (not functional yet either)
- When you die, a "You Died" screen is added
- World time, player position, inventory, etc. is saved upon exit
- CEMETECH COMMUNITY REQUEST: There is a block radius around the player (about 4 or 5 blocks)
- Chat menu updated, this time it tells you what commands you are typing. Just type the first word of a cheat and it'll tell you the rest!
- More features I forgot about


BUG: You will need to enable cheats once making a world, for some reason, the game doesn't know what the time of day is once you create a world, so open chat and type "/time set day".
Now my plans for v1.3.4:
- Fix that "night"-looking bug. It's not night time at first in a world once you create it, it''s a glitch! Background for night time is color #32, black-brown, but not too dark. The glitch is number #00, black.
- Sun and moon.
- Clock (soon)
- Update text on the buttons, they're not aligned center on some of them.
- Change the Credits to be credits, and not what's new (see below).
- WHAT'S NEW popup will show every time you launch the game. Soon you will be able to set it to "NOT SHOW AGAIN", until you delete the appvar MCPopup.
This is a really cool game! I'm excited to see what you post in the future.
Wow!, Love the UI and love how it Java version of MC.
Keep the good work up!! Smile
Bugs are fixed now. Doors, ladders, and beds work just fine! And CRAP I forgot my cable!!!
A roadblock with redstone is first the world string (Str0) converter to list (be fairly easy), and then a checker to see if redstone blocks exist in the world, etc. If it does and a piston is on the side or on top of the Redstone block, activate the piston, replace the block in the direction of the piston with air and in that block show the activated piston sprite, and the next block replaced with the block it's pushing.

Redstone dust is being added right now. It will be able to be placed by the end of the day. Redstone Blocks are going to be added too, as well as a world check to see if Redstone Dust is powered or not.
UPDATE: v1.3.4: Redstone Update
- Redstone is being added. Redstone Blocks and dust is almost functional.

This is looking great! This reminds me a lot about my project that never got past the first beginning stages before i lost all but the compiled code: here
Keep up the good work!
To improve the on better ram use can you find a way to store the sprites into a Appvars.
also can you make a /help to display all commands.

keep the good work up! Smile
Ah yes. I will add /help. thanks
Still haven't added /help yet, but I need to make torches connect to blocks, so you'll be seeing that feature added as well.
You know what inspired 2D Minecraft CE? PSP minecraft by invisiBros. Look for it on youtube if you want to find out more!

If you make changes to the code, please share it with me! I will not get angry for minor or even major changes, but it needs to still work and a link must be sent to me IF you fix anything. If you add anything or change code, sharing it with me increases the production on this project and decreases the release date. It is planned on being released soon in about a month or maybe earlier.

Optimization stage is, as of yesterday, underway.
Then it's off to beta stage v1.0

- Menus are updated and optimized
- Redrawing the world is A LOT faster
- You can place and destroy blocks even while pressing the cursor keys
- Animals and mobs will be underway shortly
- Portals will be added after flint-and-steel is added as an item, to activate the nether portal.
- Obsidian will be added, generation after it's added, so when lava and water meet, poof: Obsidian
- Eyes of ender will be added as well
- Blocks outside of the view radius will be blacked out, so you won't be able to see the whole screen
- More Features to come!...shortly :/

Post what else you think I should do!!! Smile
Could you post screenshots for those of us with no CE? This seems pretty cool, I just don't have a calc to test it on.
I will, but I haven't really changed or added anything yet, like blocks and such, but I will once I add those features. I plan on adding some of them later today.
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