Do you want Nether and End Portals in this project?
 30%  [ 3 ]
Yes, but RAM use is an issue with my CE
 40%  [ 4 ]
Not really, but maybe later
 10%  [ 1 ]
Nope, not on my CE! Maybe a version with and without.
 10%  [ 1 ]
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

Strings and lists are stored the same way in memory, except for null termination.

Also, why are you using the number seven? It seems like that's wasting 86% (6/7) of the memory by skipping 6 out of the 7 list positions.

You should be able to do the exact same thing without the two *7-> lines, and have it work the same way, but using the whole list rather than 1/7th of it.
Yes, but I found, using Alloc() for list size works, but CopyData() doesn't work, so I had to do it that way. I don't understand or get why exactly I did it that way, but I have an announcement to make here too:

It is finally working! Strings can be used in a scrolling world (but not for tree generation, that is not added, neither is water, caves, or lava generation)! I will probably use lists for generation and convert that to a string, because in ICE, I used Str0 for the world data, and superflat worlds are generated successfully! I will release it today (probably in a few minutes) hopefully if some of the bugs for the inventory can be worked out.
Added blocks:
- Torches (non-functional YET)
- Beds (non-functional YET)
- Furnaces (non functional YET)
- Options screen was removed
Loving the development so far! Game looks promising, good luck Smile
I will release it early tomorrow! Thank you cemetech members who helped me get the job done!
Never mind. Here's a pre-release link:

Texture pack support was removed. Options screen was replaced with CREDITS.
Update from 12:00 earlier today:
- Blocks can be placed in creative mode, with infinite amounts, so you never run out!
- Blocks recently added (listed earlier) will get new textures, furnace is the first to get a new look!
- Commands added. Pause the game to enable cheats (dark gray is on, light gray is off, see controls below for help)
Alpha, stat, mode, apps - block cursor.
2nd - Inventory, crafting not added yet)
prgm - chat, not finished completely, still has minor bugs
X,T,0,n - place block
del - break block

In survival mode, the game knows what block you just dug! It will show up in your inventory with an item count displayed in survival, or unlimited blocks in creative
That's all for now! Update will arrive tomorrow! Have fun with the game for now!
Nice work, did you maybe want to change the title from 3D to 2D however?

Do you also plan on uploading any screenshots for current progress?
I can't figure out how to upload screenshots. I can use TI Connect CE but I can't find a way to post them. And I can try to change it from 3D to 2D but I'm still a little new to cemetech.
To upload sreenshots, use a site like imgur. Just upload your picture to it, and then you can either us the [url][/url] tags to link to it or the [img][/img] to embed the image into the post. To change the title, I believe you just click the 'edit' button on the first post. Hope the helps and great work so far!

Sorry for the double screen.
If you upload your program/clibs to CEmu, you can take screenshots there without the 8bpp messing up the image...
Ok. I'll remember that

EDIT: I have a gif screenshot of the game in action!
You should use the graphics buffer. It helps prevent things from flashing as the game is redrawn.
To use it, just use SetDraw(1) to cause graphics functions to write to the buffer rather than the screen. Then, use Blit(1) every time you are finished drawing everything to copy the contents of the buffer onto the screen.
This looks amazing, but I did notice that the screen seems to be flashing whenever you move or change one block. Using the buffers (and the SetDraw and SwapDraw commands) can make a program look extremely smooth, even with a low framerate. More on them can be found in the ICE Documentation. Still, this looks amazing, and you have made remarkable progress!
Looks great! Besides also suggesting double buffering (It's not as hard as it sounds). I would also suggest adding a build radius so you can only build, say 3 blocks radius, around Steve.
Why does the ladder become filled with dirt, and then magically not?
I can do double buffering, and the reason for the ladder is because it is a transparent sprite, but I didn't make it draw the background blue color behind it. Instead of using fillscreen(), I make it draw each block 1 at a time, but only if a block wasn't placed there. N represents time of day color, so I just have to add:


This way only the ladder is drawn. Also I will add a list to string converter when generating. List will come first, then it will convert that to Str0.

Also, I keep getting stressed because a 40*40 world is as big as I can go without eating RAM majorly, plus I want to save some bytes in the program for multiplayer once USB linking is (ever) added to ICE. What I heard is once USB interfacing has been done, it will be added to ICE, or at least try to be added. Multiplayer will forever change the Minecraft 84 CE forever!

Also, I do have a suggestion if USB can be done:
When in an ICE program, I hope it doesn't have to pause to get something over USB, like TI Basic. I hope it can get something while you are playing the game. Hopefully this post is remembered!
I'm now in the progress of adding double buffering, and I am going to add stairs. The cursor will be placed to your side. I want to do these things today as well:
- Stairs will be added and can be placed depending on the direction you are in (might be a little hard)
- Like suggested above, a block place radius of at most 3 or 4 blocks.
- Noclip will be finished. You can change it, but still going up, left, and right, it lets you go through blocks.
- Ladders will be finished and their physics.

-Hearts will be added to survival mode today!

I will release it soon once bugs are taken care of. It will be v1.3.034. v1.4 will be the finished update, since I will try to fix all bugs. Also, v1.4 is the REQUEST SKIN update. I will add more skin packs as appvars.
My program EATS UP RAM! I will also fix that. How do I save to lists properly in ICE?
Wow! Looks real impressive! RAM use is an issue, you might want to work on optimizing. Keep up the good work!
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