Do you want Nether and End Portals in this project?
 30%  [ 3 ]
Yes, but RAM use is an issue with my CE
 40%  [ 4 ]
Not really, but maybe later
 10%  [ 1 ]
Nope, not on my CE! Maybe a version with and without.
 10%  [ 1 ]
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

It is not really working, it would if someone made a VR headset for the CE, but it WOULD be bulky. VR mode allows you to see the screen through each eye separately as the screen is altered in a split-screen fashion and each eye sees a different angle of the screen. It will soon allow you to (hopefully) get a better view of Minecraft. And when I can find a way to get 3D going, the community would love to see it.

I love the replies because I'm not really an advanced newbie, only on cemetech. I can easily make a Basic program with no problem. I've known programming for a while, but I'm fine with an advanced newbie because I'm only 16 and I'm already showing other young men that they can learn anything under the sun. SERIOUSLY, ICE is what I'm learning now with the amazing help of cemetech!
Is it going to be in 2d or 3d?
For now, 2D. I do plan on 3D later, but a 2D engine will be first, with a scrolling tilemap, made from the calculator during generation (if possible I need code).
So 2D for sure! Smile
Pro tip: replace line 551-853 with something like this:

" wrmh    vqlg   zupkfc  ytojeb  zsnida"->SUBCHARS
"        369     258     147           "->NUMCHARS
If KEY>=10 and KEY<=47
   If VALUE=0
   If VALUE=1
   If VALUE=2
   If CHAR!=32

This code stores the characters in a string and recalls them on a keypress. Note that it will also fetch 'invalid' keypresses, although nothing changes then.
Ok I'll try that.

EDIT: ICE says error at line 567. I think it is where it involves CHAR->**{Str1+length(Str1. It says that line is not implemented (yet)
Well now just a tilemap generator...
Why dont you just use one appvar for the keybindings?
I could but I want numbers, and either way I can't seem to read them properly using sum(5). Write or Read commands aren't working right. It shows icons so I have problems.

If not(A
sum(3 A

That should work. Smile
That's for writing? How about reading for use with the key binding options? Any help please?

Ok thanks!

Anyone have any idea on if and how I can make the generator make a tilemap on-calc? I thought if I can figure out how a tilemap appvar is structured, then I can see if I can make it, wth help.
The structure/generator is entirely up to you. If you're okay with starting with a relatively small, fixed-size world (smaller than 256x256), a simple 2D array structure for the tilemap is simplest. And Minecraft and similar games typically use Perlin and other forms of noise as terrain generators (see:
Yes, I had done research on how a minecraft generator works, and even a guy who modded minecraft to show the phases in the game. Since it's in ICE, I think I could make a tilemap appvar using the generator. Probably by making a world as a string, then making an appvar where that string will write to it. But first is a superflat world. I'm having problems with it.
New(ish update)!!! Coming soon! JK, just in a minute..
The generator is added but world generation is not yet added Neutral I will add it soon, now that I know how perlin noise works Smile Thanks to the help of the amazing Cemetech community!!!
-Generator screen animation.
-Only 1 world can be created due to too many bugs. I will reprogram it soon!

Newer update coming today! The generator generates superflat worlds, but spawning is the problem. I can't figure out how to save numbers properl. Lists don't work and numbers or numbers saved in a variable will not read and write correctly.
UPDATE IS now released! Please review it in this forum! Thanks!
Look in UPDATE v1.2.002 alpha

I noticed no one has commented in this forum, but I just made a new (BIG) update. It features a scrolling world (IN ICE)! The world size is now only 40*40, however. I will update the link soon...
UPDATE: Scrolling worlds, as stated above!!
New google drive link (it will take you to the new folder hopefully):
Ok. I need to ask a question:
Would lists in ICE be any better than using a string to have world data stored in it? Here's the catch: The way my program reads the world data one block at a time is unique to me, but I noticed one thing with lists that can help others out, since I was experimenting with lists in ICE.

When I created and read a list, it worked just fine without any (real) problems:
First, use code like this:
:[dimension of list]->DIM

This will create a list, where DIM*7 is what I used to make it work right.
Then, you can store anything to it like:

:[Whatever position in the list you like]->POS
:[Number of your choice]->L1(POS

Then for reading, do the same for the code above, but instead of storing a number to a list, store the position of the list L1*7 to a variable.
Simple, possibly optimizable, but for every 7th number, the proper number is saved in that position in the list! That should help y'all too!
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