I was stalking Alex and decided to look at one of his programs, specifically this one. What's wierd, is the images for the program are that of Attack of the Snails!. Confused, I tried some of his other programs and it turns out all of the screenshots are broken. I looked at my own, and they seem all fine, but what's going on with Alex's program pages?
It looks like the URL for one of the images in question is https://www.cemetech.net/img/ss/000002.gif
My guess is that every screenshot is uploaded to the ss directory, preserving the name. The screenshot for AoTS had the same name as the other screenshot, overwriting it.
A solution would be to make a directory for each program uploaded to the archives, or change the file names to something like (program id)_(screenshot index).(ending)
Wait so i can mess up anyone's screenshots by copying the file names of their images when uploading my program? Sweet.
The real question is why did _iPhoenix_'s pics get assigned 000001?
And why are so many numbers missing?
Do they go in order, or are they random or something?
Or is each program assigned 4 slots?
Earlier this month we noticed an issue where the first 44 screen shots were overwritten. We suspect it has to do with when we switched to PHP7. We've already corrected this issue and are working towards the best way to restore the screenshots that were overwritten.

*Update: I can't actually find the issue in the gitlab, so I'm not sure it's been fixed. But I am pretty sure PT_ corrected it already.

c4ooo wrote:
Wait so i can mess up anyone's screenshots by copying the file names of their images when uploading my program? Sweet.

No, screen shots are renamed when uploaded to the archives. You can try this yourself the next time you include screenshots. Name it something you'll remember and then check the name after the program is in the archives. The screenshots are renamed in sequential order.
I have removed the incorrect screenshots from all affected files.
So I've decided to make a quick script to go through the pics... It managed to grab 2182 pics. I don't think each file is allocated 4 slots because I'm seeing some images that don't agree with that, for example, 2980-2984 clearly belong to 3 different file. They are definitely in some order, which looks like upload date judging by the fact that I recognize a lot of the projects, and the really old ones appear first. I do however see that the first 42 (not a joke) are newer projects like Attack of the Snails, and then it suddenly jumps back in time to what I'm assuming is a REALLY old image:

And only after that does it seem to follow the oldest→newest pattern.
Maybe it is overwriting the old ones when a new one is uploaded?

EDIT: looks like the admins beat me to it Laughing, also I'm keeping the pics Evil or Very Mad
EDIT2: I uploaded my script's output to my dropbox in case anyone wants to play with it or look through it... here's the link
mr womp womp wrote:

also I'm keeping the pics Evil or Very Mad

Why did you choose that one? Rolling Eyes
Because the first 40-ish images were screenshots of color calcs (or otherwise new-ish projects), and that was the first one that wasn't. Also, after that one, its all very old stuff and slowly gets newer. Here is a pic of the beginning to show what I mean.

And you guys thought I was kidding when I said the snails would attack Razz

It appears that images 1-48 in the above post are actually placed in chronological order- maybe the script's counter got reset somehow or those files were deleted so it was like "oh I guess 000001.gif isn't there so I can plop a file in its spot"
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