Sometimes when I am on Cemetech, it tells me that this website is not secure. Why? Is it because the web site was made in like 2002 (Correct me if I was wrong about that 2002 number, I think I saw that figure somewhere, and take it to be the year Cemetech was founded)Though I doubt any hackers would like to steal my Cemetech Login, it still is not nice knowing that they may be able to easily do so.
Have you heard of something called Google?

Perhaps not.

Cemetech is secure. I don't know what you're talking about.

Chrome secure site detection is funky.
Cemetech uses a strong SSL encryption, always. The only reason your browser says that is because Cemetech allows mixed content, which means that some things that users post and such may come from unsecure places (i.e. not using https). Don't worry about it. Cemetech is more secure than you could even think of.
Well yes, as I said, I doubt any one hacker would like to steal my Cemetech account information. However, my concern rests with the fact that many people use the same passwords for multiple accounts. A hacker could just take my password and try it with the email on file.
    The "insecure" part which could be viewed by "hackers" is not your personal data, just pictures from third party sites which may not be (and do not need to be) encrypted.
    Your password is not actually stored on Cemetech anywhere, just a hash that can be checked against your password each time you log in. Even Kerm and others with full database access could not tell you what your password is, only verify that a given password is correct.
    If you are using the same password for everything, that's your own fault.
Next time you are looking at that icon in your browser, look at the pages it shows up on. It is mostly on the forum posts, where signatures people have can include images that are over HTTP and not HTTPS. That is what your browser is catching on. There is no way for the admins to fix this except to force signatures and avatars to require HTTPS (and we would need a transition period before the code is implemented to allow people to make adjustments to their profiles). The posts you submit are over HTTPS, as well as when you go to log in to your server. If you are concerned, run a packet capture on your PC to Cemetech, you should see all traffic has an SSL/TLS payload on it.
I find it amusing Firefox gave me a security message for this topic Laughing

EDIT: I understand what's going on and why, I just found this funny.
Again, because of items in people signatures are sent over a non-secure channel. Even some of the items in yours are not using SSL. As such, your browser will throw the message. Please understand what is going on before adding to it. Unless we remove signatures from posts, there is no fix for the issue.
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