Hi everyone,

At school we have this event called the Exhibition of Learning where students are all required to find something that they are passionate about, create a presentation, and then present at a day-long fair, alternating between exhibiting their subject and viewing the presentations that others have.

Being the enterprising programmer that I am, I chose to do calculator programming. For context, some other projects that are rather common are musical performances, past presentations in school that students particularly liked, and other such things.

As part of my presentation I would like to have a gif recording of my calculator to show how exactly you program things, as well as a demonstration of how I personally program (more of a bragging system to show how fast I can type lol).

I have Ti-Connect installed, but this can only take screenshots. Aside from using my iPad to record myself, is there any other program that can record what's on my screen?

The easiest solution would be to use an emulator to record an animated screenshot. My recommendation would be jsTIfied: simply load your ROM into the jsTIfied emulator, go to the Screenshot tab, and click Animated Screenshot->Start.
Awesome! Thanks for the help, I'll try it out.

A resounding success. Thanks once again.
OBS is a free and open source. Bandicam is good at recording gameplay. VLC can be also as a screen recorder to record your screen. However, if you want a more professional application to record screen on Windows or Mac, try Joyoshare Screen Recorder, which can let you skip unwanted sections and cut recordings to different parts in the way you like.
Assuming you're referring to a monochrome 83+ or 84+, I'd suggest using the emulator Wabbitemu. In my experience, it's a bit more reliable than jsTIfied, especially for recording the screen (sorry KermM). It should also walk you through the process of creating a usable ROM image if you don't already have one.
Same opinion, for a public presentation an emulator with big screen seems to be the best choice.
If you want bigger screen you can project your calculator screen with a camera but the bigger it is, the bigger pixels will appear...

If you want to make a buzz effect, you can put the screen on a stand looking like the high part of a calculator front. Like this the screen will be like the screen of this big calculator.
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