As the USB port for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI 83 Premium CE becomes easier to use, users throughout the community have been eager to connect their calculators to other devices. One such Cemetech member helping to lead the charge is commandblockguy, who has released a USB serial driver, available on GitHub: . This driver allows one to attach a plethora of devices, such as an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many others as long as they use the standard CDC serial interface. Currently commandblockguy has successfully tested an Arduino link.

This will hopefully enable users to be able to easily build one of their own similar TI Innovators, along with many other potential uses. Perhaps one day we will see a remote controlled car driven by a TI 84 Plus CE! (Or a real self driving car perhaps?). As one of the first released USB drivers for the latest member of the calculator family, it will be exciting to see where the community will take it.

The driver is currently implemented in C and assembly, and is easily buildable by downloading the repository and using the CE C Toolchain. Most likely you will need a variation of a USB OTG adapter in order to be able to use the driver. Pull requests and feature additions are most welcome, in addition to any bug reports and testing.

Let's all give commandblockguy some good vibes and credit, and test out this great new addition to the calculator world!

"One Step For Ti-84PCE users."- Alvajoy123
Great work commandblockguy! I can't wait to see more on this! It'll be fun finding a way to control my old coffee-bot with my calculator. Razz
Keep it up! I look forward to seeing what projects spring out of this and what crazy things people interface the CE with (including some certain coffee-bots Razz)
Great work Commandblockguy. Thank you a lot for sharing all with the community.
This is really incredible, and I'm looking forward to see the opportunities of this library. I can say that I actually bought an USB mini OTG adapter myself, so I'm curious what I can do with it and whatever. Keep up the great work! Smile
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