Yeah, I need drawing practice, so I am going to make Cemetech: the manga.

I will either use popular users, or games, or both.
So if anyone can tell me who is well known around here, or what games are the most well known, that would be SUPER helpful.

Will post pictures as I go on.
Also may put up a pdf of it if it gets popular enough.
Please include a bloody battle between Kerm and Peter Balyta over ASM, with Peter winning in the end (and all the calculators instantly exploding in people's hands).
Any other ideas?

And a battle over asm? Like, being king of it or what?
Well I was referring to the removal of ASM, perhaps you could have Peter hurl some lines of Python code at Kerm and have Kerm throw some hex back Laughing
I posted an update on the discord cause i cant put images from an ipad on here.
OOH, this is gonna be nice. That's an interesting take on TI/Cemetech.
Yeah, check discord, cause i cant post images here (on mobile).
I am popular for BasicNote, Shades CE, and most notably for never finishing Fruit Ninja CE. Oh, and I write PotM's every so often.

Also please include Mateo scolding noobs somehow
I've already taken care of the 83 premium CE, Ti 84+ CE must be hiding somewhere... Hah. But it doesn't matter. You're next, Kerm!

You [family friendly name calling] PETER.

Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me? Even though your ASM, Kerm, told you about the glorious assembly like an exam student scrambling to finish the problems on an exam until the last moments before the chime?

I can't beat the [poop] out of you without getting closer.

Oh ho! Then come as close as you like.

(sorry I didn't bother translating into romaji)
Put me in!!! Yay put me in!!
include me lurking in the backgrounds after being active for a year and not publishing my updates on my OpenCalc project *shrug*
SeeGreatness wrote:
include me lurking in the backgrounds after being active for a year and not publishing my updates on my OpenCalc project *shrug*

Or Noti-ez80 bricking a calc XD
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