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Hi guys a I have a ti-84 plus silver edition it turns on but the curser only blinks and its unreponsive any ideas how to fix it?
Does the cursor blink slowly or at regular speed?
If there's no data on the calculator that you care about, there's a few things you can do.

1) Try pressing the [ON] button. Your calculator might be stuck running a program.
2) Try using a safety pin or bent paper clip to press the RESET button on the back of the calculator. It might be underneath the battery compartment lid.
3) If both of those don't work, you can try pulling the batteries and putting them back in. If that doesn't even work, you can pull out the batteries and reinsert the batteries while holding down the [DEL] key. You will then need to reinstall the operating system by following this guide.
If the calculator is still under warranty, call TI-Cares, and ask for a replacement, as that sounds like a defect rather than user damage.
I think your issue is a bad keyboard. The [on] button is wired differently than the other buttons which is why it still works. There are a few guides on iFixit that can help you replace it. (You may need a donor calculator)
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