Hi, I wonder if there is a way that you can modify the Ans variable in a C program, I want to do specific tasks with the speed of C, but most of the task with ti-basic, and I want the C program to return the value I desired. I don't think if there is a function in the tice.h file that allows you to store values into the Ans variable. I wonder if that is possible.
Read the examples please. Honestly every single question you have asked has a dedicated example to go with it:

To be fair, "fileio_os_vars" does not really imply that the example might contain something related to Ans. Everyone who uses the toolchain should of course read all of the examples, but because many example programs do more than one thing it might be a good idea to have a Dev FAQ or Example Index which would list that kind of thing with a link to the relevant example.
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