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Thanks to amazonka's template and README, I have made an editing tool for the *.g3l language format, which converts it to JSON.

The windows version is available in the archives here: https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1801
Builds for other operating systems are available at https://github.com/comp500/prizmlang/releases

To use this, you need to download either amazonka's template (link above) or an official CASIO language file.
Then in a command prompt run
prizmlang decode English.g3l edit.json
(replace English.g3l with the file you downloaded) to decode the language file.
Edit the created "edit.json" file with your translations, ensuring that the FileName in edit.json is the name you want for the file.

prizmlang encode edit.json NewLang.g3l
(replace NewLang.g3l with the name you want) to re-encode the JSON file to the g3l format.
You can then copy this file onto your calculator, and select it in the settings menu.
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