Hey, been a while Smile Figured I should post about one of my pet projects, Zarmina. This is the place I'm going to put my fiction for all to read. First thing I've put on the site is the story of some alien kids in a magical world who meets humans from a far away planet (that is, our Earth), go read it it's kinda nice. Written by me, website programmed mostly by me and quite a few pieces coming soon by me.

Go read it already and enjoy!
Very interesting, do you have any other works online anywhere or is this the first?

Also where do you get your inspiration from when writing?
I have a few fanfictions I posted on a defunct French fanfic website, but this is the first truly original work (as in, not a fanfic) I've written.

The Zarmina project started a few years ago (actually, you probably can find references to it on this site from 2012), it's been quite a lot of things until I settled on writing it as a novel in 2018. Zarmina is a real planet they discovered back in 2010 and I've read a lot about it, back then it was pretty much the closest thing we found that looked like Earth. Other inspirations include Homestuck, My Little Pony and some local comedic Star Trek parody we had in Québec called Dans une Galaxie près de chez vous (In a Galaxy near you). The other fanfics I've wrote would probably count as well.

I have ideas for other works too, but I think I'm going to start with this one.
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