Hello everyone! So I finally finished a project that first started as a joke but then turned into something I wanted to do. I remade Pictochat from the DS in HTML to allow you to play it with other people online. It has almost all the features of the original such as typing, drawing, dragging letters from the keyboard, rooms, and more. The sprites and sounds are all ripped from the original too and function correctly.

This is meant to work on your phone so if you want to try it on computer, you can use the phone simulator in Chrome developer tools.

Go check it out here! - http://ckosmic.tk/pictochat

How it works:
Basically Pictochat Online is just a normal chatroom with fancy features. It uses a WebSocket to transfer data between the clients and a server I wrote on my Raspberry Pi. The screen is made from a custom game engine I wrote from scratch in JavaScript to help me easily make things like this.
Messages are sent as base64 encoded images and uploaded to the server and broadcasted to all the clients. Using WebSockets makes handling joining, sending messages, and leaving so much easier and reliable than what I originally had planned (which was using MySQL databases, I know horrible right).
Fun! It brought back lots of memories!
My only complaint right now is that the drawing system slows down fairly quickly and when you're drawing and move your finger over the keyboard, it immediately starts dragging letters around. Other than that, cool project!
Very Cool!

I just have one suggestion. You wrote:
ckosmic wrote:
It uses a WebSocket to transfer data between the clients and a server I wrote on my Raspberry Pi.

Seeing as this is a hobby, perhaps you could use Firebase to handle databasing? (unless you have a fear of Google mining your data Razz). Seems like a gross underuse of a perfectly capable Raspberry Pi.

Keep up the great work!
Hi! Sorry to wake a dead thread, but I was able to rehost this since it had died. I remade the server based on how the client handled it (but just enough for one chat room) and added ratelimits and partial input sanitization. Check it out here: https://github.com/ayunami2000/ayunpictonode (two demo sites are linked on it)

If you want me to take it down because well it IS your website on the client side, then let me know.
hi, this is cool.

a project that I have wanted to do for a while is to create a 3DS homebrew pictochat recreation which works over the internet. I've not had the motivation to, however.
how do i do tbis
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