A couple days ago I moved back into the dorms at my university, and the first thing I did (of course) was immaculately set up my PC and its various peripherals. The monitor I use is an LG Ultragear 27GN750-B, a 1080p 240Hz 27" monitor. Once I had everything plugged in, I went to turn on my PC. As is normal, my monitor immediately woke with the motherboard's splash sceen. However, after a couple seconds on the splash screen, my monitor switched from the splash screen to displaying a screen full of gibberish. It looked very similar to what my CE looks like whenever an ASM program crashes so hard you have to do an OS install. You know what I'm talking about. The closest image I could find on the internet of what I saw is this. It sat on this screen for a couple seconds then went black. From that point on, my monitor has been completely unresponsive. No status LEDs, not menus, no backlight, completely dead. My PC is completely fucntional.

Unfortunately, I purchased this monitor about 13 months ago, making it just barely out of warranty. Instead of trying my luck with a third party repair shop (which I may end up trying) I wanted to try to see if I could pin down the issue myself. I could not find anyone else on the web experiencing a similar issue, so I decided to come to you guys, the highest signal/noise ratio tech forum I've ever been to.

I wanted to rule out some obvious possibilities first, but immediately ran into issues. The first thing I did was test for a faulty power supply. First I switched outlets. No luck. Next, I took out my multimeter and prodded the barrel plug for voltage and current. The power supply is rated to supply 19V at 2.4A. When I tested it, it steadily supplied 19V but did not maintain 2.4A, which is bizarre to me. I've heard of power supplies needing to be under a minimum load to meet power delivery specs, but usually that results in a steady current and an unstable voltage under minimum load. This power supply gave 19V and pulsed from 0.1A to 1A at about a one second interval. I do not yet know whether this is intended or indicative of a busted power supply. I haven't yet purchased a replacement power supply to test.

However, I suspect that the power supply is not the issue. I think that gibberish displayed on screen is clearly indicative of something malfunctioning on the main board or display panel, and not a power delivery issue. I have seen similar display issues happen on a CE when I run a bad ASM program, so I was hoping you guys would have some insight on what might be busted.

I am not afraid to disassemble my monitor and test components, but I'd like to be pointed in the right direction first. I'd rather not flush $400 down the drain. Does this seem like an issue it is possible for me to solve? If so, what should I be focusing my attention on first? Thanks!
When you say your PC is completely functional, does that mean you tested it with a different monitor and it works as expected?
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