I've decided to implement the MD5 hashing algorithm in pure TI-BASIC!
All the bit-wise operations necessary were implemented myself.

The code is completely unoptimized, so feel free to improve it!

This program works on TI-84+SE and possibly other models, since it doesn't use any assembly/etc.
The programs whose names start with a θ are internal and shouldn't be run manually.

Run prgmMD5 and you'll be asked for an input string.
You can enter anything shorter than 55 characters.

The letters will be treated as lower-case ASCII, so "CEMETECH" will become "cemetech".
This program will take a few minutes to run due to the heavy computations involved, and while it's running you'll see a nice progress bar indicating how much time is left.

After that, you'll get a scrollable string containing the computed hash.
Compare it against any online hash calculator, etc.

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Download: https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1783.
Very interesting - the progress bar is a nice touch.
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