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Yeah, I think I'm just going to use it for tasks that my calculator isn't capable of on its own, like solving for x.

1. Some sources say that all addins are limited to 2MB, and some sources say that the limit is only on the CG10 and CG20, with the CG50 having a much higher limit. Are you trying to remain compatible with the CG10/20, or does the CG50 actually not have the higher limit?

2/3. I get it now.

Thanks for fixing AC/On. I think Casio should have designed their operating system so if an application doesn't handle that key, it will be closed or, even better, give me an "Application not responding" dialog box to allow me to either continue or stop. Unfortunately, I doubt that they listen to feedback from the users.
I don't believe that addins can be larger than 2M on the CG50, at least the French equivalent (Graph 90+e) does not.
For interruptions, it's not that easy to implement, especially with ressource constraints. On PC for example, I can compile Xcas with C++ exceptions enabled, and this make error handling much much easier, but that would not work for KhiCAS, because it requires more memory and there is this 2M limit.
That 2MB limit sounds really annoying. Anyways, good job fitting all of this functionality in 2MB.
How do i enter the cube root of a number. For example, 8^(1/3) is 2 but khicas returns the same fraction.

You can get the => by pressing the arrow that is normally used for assigning variables.
There is no auto-simplification in KhiCAS, except for fractions of integers. You must explicitly call a rewrite command, like simplify from F1 menu or a command shortcut like
=>+ (partfrac)
=>* (factor or ifactor)
Me again. I've been using KhiCAS for real, and it is great. Some of my friends are wondering how I managed to get a CAS on a calculator that cost less than their TI-84s. Anyways, I think I figured out the real cause of the slow closing issue. The corrupted binary I had earlier certainly didn't help, but it wasn't the cause. And I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the issue did come back immediately after the first time I used it. Here's what I've found:

Closing the app and opening something else will take unacceptably long, unless I clear everything before I do so. This suggested to me that it had something to do with saving the session. Manually saving from the file menu also takes about as long as closing the app and opening another one. It still seems to autosave even if I manually save.

Unfortunately, I could not find an option to disable auto saving, so I have to remember to clear the screen every time I want to switch out of KhiCAS. Is there a way that I just haven't found, or do you have to recompile the app because of size limitations?

I cleaned out my calculator, optimized the storage and tried again. This time, even without clearing the screen, it did not take an unreasonable amount of time to close the app and manually saving also takes a lot less time.

I contacted Casio about some issues. Their excuse for the graphing app being slow is because they "place emphasis on the drawing process" whatever that means, and the reasoning for not having a default interrupt handler, along with other poor design decisions, is "proprietary information." I suspect that whatever caused the flash storage to be so slow until I optimized it is a result of Casio's poor decisions. So the really slow app closing issue almost certainly is not your fault.
Yes, leaving KhiCAS auto-saves session.xw for next opening. This can take some time the first time you save, but should take less time later unless session.xw is larger. And this takes indeed more time if you flash storage area has many files and not much room left.
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