I'll keep this short and sweet. I will be taking a break soon, to go on vacation, and will be taking my eyes off the computer screen for several days. I won't have my computer with me, but I will have my phone and will probably still be a bit active on IRC if you need to reach me!

As for my projects, the plan is to release BasicNote CE in July! (Yes, RELEASE IT, after way too many months of hard work, off and on.) After that I may work on my side projects a bit, but I'm really hoping to learn more about ICE and C. So, after BasicNote CE I plan on restricting myself a little bit to those more advanced languages, if I can Razz

something something It's always a good idea to step back sometimes, take a break and reflect on things!
You've done quite a bit of hard work over the past few months. You deserve a vacation, have fun! Smile
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