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Get a TI84+CE. Or else.
Get a red TI 84+ CE
Get a TI-84 Plus CE, or a TI-Nspire CX CAS Wink
Michael2_3B wrote:
Get a red TI 84+ CE

nah, mint's cooler!


Depends on what the cacl will be used for: math-ing: NSpire, CAS can be used on some standardized tests, iirc, most teachers don't like them. Programming/gaming/math-ing: 84+ CE, they're just better than the other 84's in my opinion, and the mint ones add some coolness mintiness to your style Razz
The TI-84+CE is the best choice for most math classes, since more teachers know how to use the TI-84/TI-83 series over the Nspires. The 84CE also is rechargeable so it's a lot thinner than other calculators which is good, and it has a lot more (new) software being developed for it, and programming it is better, since there is BASIC, which is pretty basic, ICE, similar to BASIC but faster and run in ez80 ASM, the calc's "original" language (its processor), C, a decently easy to learn, and ez80 ASM, the "hardest" language to learn and use, but is as easy as breathing to some programmers here Razz. If you don't know how to program, start with CE Basic, and go up to ICE, then C, then ASM. If you want a new calculator for games, the CE has a lot more variation of games than the Nspire, it has color compared to other Monochrome calcs like the 84 and 83 series, and it's much better/faster than the TI-84+CSE, which is also color and rechargeable like the CE, but has a different processor. Hope this helps!
Be sure to check out our Calculator Buying Guide, found under Recommended Resources on our homepage. If you have any questions that aren't covered be sure to ask!

If you're starting a class next school year that'll use graphing calculator functions, you may be able to e-mail the school and ask what they recommend for the class. If they don't know, try asking what math textbook they use; you should be able to determine what calculator the textbook references, but if not we'd be happy to help.

Generally speaking, TI-84+CE is a pretty standardized calculator among educational institutions and it should be a safe purchase Smile
A quick (slightly off topic) comment here! (sorry!)

jcgter777 wrote:
... If you don't know how to program, start with CE Basic, and go up to ICE, then C, then ASM. ...

ASM is it's own branch Razz BASIC, ICE then C would be a good path (I've found tibasicdev/ TI|BD helpful in learning BASIC.) iirc, ASM isn't highly similar to BASIC or C or ICE...
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